Beatport Streaming x Traktor Pro Workshop with Matthias Tanzmann

Nov 30, 2022
Matthias Tanzmann

Watch as Matthias Tanzmann takes us through his process for discovering new music and building playlists in the Beatport family of DJ streaming tools. Then enjoy his killer set using our Traktor Pro integration. Find the playlist here or listen to it below.

More on Beatport Streaming:

Beatport DJ is a web-based DJ app that makes discovering new music more efficient and enjoyable than anything else out there. Demo new tracks with the easy-to-use, two-deck interface and hear exactly how they will sound in your next set.

Select from the full Beatport catalog of over 12m tracks, as well as from charts and playlists from some of the biggest names in dance music. You can also use the Beatport mobile app for when you're on the go, adding new tracks to your playlists with ease.

Integrate with your favourite DJ software to really level up your Streaming experience. You can even quickly transfer your music and playlists from other platforms to Beatport Streaming.

For more info and to start your free 30 day trial, go to

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