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Nov 6, 2023
Plugin Boutique

Introducing the Beatport Studio membership; a new service combining the best of Plugin Boutique, Loopmasters and Loopcloud.

Join our community and you will get everything you need to make music: Each month you can use 10 fresh plugins to create and manipulate sounds, up to 100 Samples to flip, and even DAWs to use!

The way it works is; each month you will get your pick of 10 plugins from an ever-expanding selection.

At the moment we have 60 to choose from; brands including Excite Audio, Baby Audio, UJAM, Audiomodern, Lunacy Audio and Klevgrand to name a few, but we will always be adding to the list of what’s available and each month you can switch to something new to try or keep using the ones you love.

The best part is, our Frozen State Technology will allow you to keep using the plugins even when they aren’t ones you have selected. You won’t be able to make tweaks or use them on new tracks, but all your settings will stay locked in place so you can keep creating without disruption.

Each membership also comes with Loopcloud Sounds and you will be able to download and use 100 royalty-free sounds per month from a curated list of half-a-million picked by our team. Once you’ve added them to your account, they are yours for life, even if you opt out of the membership later on.

And, finally, as I mentioned early, we have a couple DAWs you can use too. At the moment we have Bitwig Studio 8-Track and Cubase LE.

This is great if you are looking to try out music production and are just getting started, but it is also great if you are already using a DAW and want to test out a different platform.

We aren’t looking to replace permanent licenses with the Beatport Studio Membership. We want you to be able to test out a bunch of plugins each month, and keep the ones you want, and switch out the ones you don’t. Then, the ones you love, you can still grab for life on Plugin Boutique!

Check out the videos below to find the full details!


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