Voices of the Community: Madame Gandhi

Mar 21, 2024
Grace Phillips

In the first instalment of our new 'Voices of the Community' series, @MadameGandhi discusses music as a effective medium to affirm positivity, finding lyric inspiration through belief systems, and her appreciation and pride for Indian culture.

Madame Gandhi is an award-winning artist, DJ and activist known for her uplifting, percussive electronic music and positive message about gender liberation and personal power. She has been listed as a TED Fellow, Forbes 30 Under 30 in Music and BBC 100 Women. She began producing music in 2015, after her story running the London Marathon free-bleeding to combat menstrual stigma went viral around the world. She has toured drumming for artist M.I.A, and her song "The Future is Female" reached the global viral Spotify Top 50 US charts. In June 2023, she was awarded the Songwriter's Hall of Fame “Olman Prize” for excellence in songwriting and leadership. Gandhi holds a Masters in Music, Science & Technology from Stanford, and her mission is to use her music and voice as a medium for a message about positivity, personal expression and human thriving.

Follow Madame Gandhi on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/artist/madam...

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