Flowdan on 'Rumble' with Skrillex & Fred Again, and his new Sample Pack - Beatport Sounds In Session

Mar 17, 2023

In this exclusive Beatport Sounds interview, Flowdan talks about the highly anticipated 'Rumble' with Skrillex & Fred again... and unveils his new sample pack 'Writer Blocks' on Beatport Sounds. Discover the limitless creativity behind the pack, featuring loops and one-shots for grime, dubstep, drill, and more. With Flowdan's inimitable vocals and cavernously deep sub-bass samples, this pack is a must-have for producers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create your own heavyweight bass music.

About the pack, Flowdan has said:

“This sound pack represents limitless creativity and endless possibilities for the creator or creative. The warped pads and melodies combined with a crunchy snare and a stiff 808 are usually a very fun place to start when you're trying to get things going...hint hint. It's never been easier to go from blank space to music."

Explore ‘Writer Blocks’: https://bit.ly/3YtLBNX
Loopcloud - Try it Now: https://bit.ly/3wlW1mG

In the video below, watch Flowdan freestyle new 'Rumble' inspired lyrics over beats and sounds made with his 'Writer Blocks' Beatport Sounds pack.