Ashibah Creates a Bass-Driven House Groove in Loopcloud

Aug 18, 2022

'We found love' producer Ashibah showcases her 4.E.V.E.R Beatport Sounds sample pack in this exclusive 8-Track Attack Loopcloud session. Take a House masterclass as Ashibah puts together an infectious bass-driven House groove in Loopcloud.

About ‘4’.E.V.E.R’ Sample pack:

Ashibah celebrates more than a decade of dance floor creativity with a specially curated sample pack for Loopcloud x Beatport Sounds. Entitled ‘Ashibah 4 E.V.E.R.’, this wide-ranging collection collects 570MB worth of the sensual, hypnotic hits, loops and sampler patches that define Asihabh’s sound, as well as soaring vocals from the artist herself.

Defined by trademark, tightly-wound and endless groovy drums marked by distinctive swing and shuffle, Ashibah also specialises in rave-ready synth stabs, glossy old-school pianos and oozing bass lines for days. Delivered royalty-free and at the simmering tempo between 123BPM and 124BPM and packed full of timeless sounds that nonetheless look towards the future, ‘Ashibah 4.E.V.E.R.’ proves to be a flawless collaboration.

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