Playlist of the Week: Mha Iri

Mha Iri Beatport Playlist of the Week
Mar 21, 2024
Mha Iri
Scottish techno titan Mha Iri lists out some of her most bodacious dance floor bombs for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.
Hey, it’s Mha Iri here from my studio in Edinburgh, Scotland. For the playlist of the week I have selected tracks that stand out to me because the resonate with me or are just bangers that I love and really smash the dance floor when I play them. I have selected a mix of techno and hard techno, psy, hard dance and mainstage as I enjoy crossing genres and upping the energy throughout my set. A few track highlights are my own track “The Unexpected” which I usually start a set with as it’s one of my best known and it has a powerful drop that always goes off. I have included some uplifting, melodic tracks including artists such as Mainline Magic Orchestra N.O.B.A. The harder, ravey side of my selection includes artists such as Exis, Alex Farell and Fin Carroll. I hope you enjoy listening!
Mha iri – Bell (Yoze Remix) [Drumcode]
Drumcode recently ran a remix competition in exchange with Change The Beat and the winner was the incredibly talented Yoze. I really love her remix of my track, which has a hard-hitting ‘stranger to stability’ style lead and a galloping bassline. It works a treat on the dance floor too.
MOTVS, Pomella – Careless [Autektone Records]
This track has such presence. The drop is absolutely banging but there is also an epic melodic break and massive kick bass as well as some awesome vocals. It’s a total monster.
M.I.T.A – Stab and Stare [LDMT records]
I love the groove and old-school feel of M.I.T.A’s tracks. The rhythmic stabs, razor sharp perc and vocal sampling make this track super hot and you can’t help but move when you hear it.
N.O.B.A – Atlantis [Vibes Addikt]
This track by N.O.B.A has such emotion in it with the trancy melodies and vocal paired with a huge acid lead. It’s euphoric and driving at the same time.
Subliminal Source – Worldwide [Dhunker Rcrds]
I love the driving nature of this track. It’s beauty lies in it’s simplicity and rhythmic lead that keeps it moving forward while engaging the listener.
Mainline Magic Orchestra – Tranchera [Public Possession]
This track has such an uplifting and nostalgic feel, I can just imagine dancing to it in the sunshine at a festival or on a beach. It’s a real feel good, fun track.
Kos:mo – The Tribe [1605]
I love the epic and dramatic break as well as the gorgeous tribal vocals. It’s just a stunning track all round, that’s produced extremely well.
DJ Jordan – Psy Op [Sonaxx Records]
This track is a monster! The haunting vocals combined with acid and deliciously placed rave stabs are a delight for the ears.
Exis – Terminate [DSR Digital]
The huge kick/bass, the vocals, and the synth have a call-and-response effect with some subtle rave stabs, make this track a dance floor ignitor.
Christian Cambas – Soap Opera [Autektone Records]
I love the unique feel of this track. The break sounds like it’s almost a house track, but then it drops into a banging psy-type bassline. It’s got a lovely, uplifting vibe and feels like a real summer track.