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Bryan Gee Beatport Playlist
Feb 28, 2024
Bryan Gee
UK drum & bass paragon Bryan Gee celebrates 30 years of V Recordings by serving up some of his label’s most essential tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.
Hi, my name’s Bryan Gee from V Recordings, and this week, as we’re celebrating 30 years of V, I wanted to share some of our best moments on the label, from some of V’s finest, as well as brand new tracks and producers that are exciting me at the moment. I’m really excited about our forthcoming 30 Years of V album; we’ve got three EPs coming first (check out EP 1 here) and then a full 22-track album that combines them all together, along with a whole bunch of new tracks. In this era of one-track singles, it feels really good to be able to present a whole collection of music that really showcases what V Recordings is about in 2024 and beyond, and we’re keeping things strictly underground on this one. We’ve been touring 30 Years of V since last summer and I’ve seen the reaction these tracks are getting and so looking forward to getting them out there. We’ve had some seminal compilations on the label over the years, and I think this one stands up alongside them as something really special. I hope you guys enjoy it when it lands!
Boosta, Atmos T – All My Love (feat. Nicole) [Liquid V]
Strictly party vibes here, always getting it going, and to this day, the vocals remain a mystery. I signed this track for Liquid V Club Sessions Vol. 5 back in 2012 after it was sent to me by DJ Escape. It was produced by Boosta & Atmos T, but they didn’t stay as an act for too long and seemed to disappear. So, we’re still guessing who that vocalist is. The track has a kind of reggae lovers rock feel to it and became a classic instantly, always getting everyone going and singing along to that hook. “I jus wanna give you all my love…”
L-Side, Salo – Daydreaming (feat. MC Moose) [V Recordings]
More summer vibes here with L-Side and Manchester’s Salo. For me, Salo is one of the new skool DnB vocalists who’s taking the scene by storm. She’s got this jazzy blues cool vibe about her, and I can see her going places. The track has that L-Side old school jungle vibe with a sprinkle of the legendary MC Moose to give it extra flavour, another one that makes everyone feel good…
Alibi, Urbandawn – Misfits [V Recordings]
Massive tune right now, a certified banger. Remember when we were all at Rampage Festival in Belgium two years ago hanging out with Alibi and Urbandawn. We said, “Hey man, you’re the only recognized Brazilian producer not to have a release on V.” So, he said, “I know,” and was thinking the same for a while. We need to fix this. So, him and Fabio (Alibi) got in the studio when they got back, started to share ideas, and came up with this bad boy. All I can say is it was definitely worth the wait. This tune’s a monster.
L-Side & Acuna – Heavy Drop [V Recordings]
This one came out on the Back 2 Back EP last year but never leaves my USB. Acuna and L-Side have been making some great stuff on Chronic over the last few years, but this one bangs real hard, always doing damage in the clubs. The amount of bass-faces I see when it drops tells you how nasty it is.
Alibi – Cause and Effect [V Recordings]
For me, the hottest producer in DnB right now. Yeah, I said it. I remember before his debut album, we were looking to get him on radio shows to promote it, and they were saying, “Can we get you Bryan instead? He’s not a big enough name.” That made us determined to make sure everyone in DnB knew who Alibi was. And now, with Chase and Status smashing his tracks, I’m starting to feel people are finally getting and understanding what I’ve been trying to say for years. This guy’s real special. He’s got that minimal sound but added with that Brazilian ghetto funk. Also, listen out for a tasty little VIP of this I just got my hands on.
Dillinja – Grimey (Need For Mirrors Remix) [V Recordings]
We can’t get enough of this one at V. We keep going back to it. It’s the 3rd remix now of Dillinja’s “Grimey.” We had Clipz, then North Base. But NFM flips it, making it more rolling and groovy than banging like the original and other mixes before. I was super hyped when Dillinja allowed us to release it on 30 years of V.
Level 2 – Dub Can’t Hide [V Recordings]
It’s great to see and hear Level 2 doing solo tracks again after being one-half of Alibi for the last 10 years. And as dropped some exciting releases on V since. This one sees him going in on a jungle vibe instead of the more straight-up rollers but still keeping it rolling. One to nice up da party.
Roni Size – It’s Jazzy [V Recordings]
The sexiest double bass in jungle, for sure. This one’s an anthem. As soon as you hear those pianos coming in, you know what’s going down. Then that funky double bass gets grooved out. For me, Roni’s the king of the grooves. Also, there’s another mix called Felix Road mix with even more funk injected into that elastic bass. Classic Bristol Roni Size.
Paul T, Edward Oberon, Jaki Graham – Reminisce [V Recordings]
Couldn’t believe it when the boys told me they were getting Jaki Graham in the studio to do a track. Been a fan of Jaki all through the 80s when she was smashing it with tracks like “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love” and “Round and Round,” so I knew what a badass vocalist she was. But I was blown away when this came in my inbox. For me, it doesn’t get any better. Jaki’s strong, powerful but soulful vocals leading into a dirty drum and bass beat. That’s what it’s all about, getting that perfect mix, had me singing that chorus continually in my head. Incredible tune.
Krust – Not Necessarily a Man (L-Side Remix) [V Recordings]
Stone cold V Classic, this one. And if you were at the Darkhouse in Manchester in the mid-90s, you might have witnessed the mayhem it caused one certain night when I dropped it, and spirits were very high. People still talk about that night to this day. L-Side remixed it for 25 years of V, then did a VIP a few years after, just before the lockdown. I remember actually playing it just before clubs got closed, but loved it so much, I decided to make it the first track when I started to compile 30 years of V, as I wanted to set the bar on making sure all tracks were gonna slap on this compilation, so look out for that mix coming soon!
Watch The Ride – Shake The Foundation [V Recordings]
One of the hottest acts in DnB for me right now. These guys got the juice, and this is a prime example. What I love about Watch the Ride is how they blend the vibe of the streets with jungle, the funk feels real, and you can always expect that grime hip-hop vibe going on. I’ve been waiting for this one for over two years, and it’s been worth it. A track you can drop anytime at a party and guaranteed a massive response. Great to mix with other tracks, and everyone loves a hoe, so that hook always gets everyone singing along.

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