Playlist of the Week: Maelstrom & Louisahhh

Maelstrom Louisahhhh Playlist
Jan 31, 2024
Maelstrom & Louisahhh
In leading up to the release of their second joint LP, the ferocious duo Maelstrom & Louisahhh serve up some savage, high-powered, and sentimental track selects for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.
Our new album, 'May the Rage Burn a Path for Joy,' will be out in less than a month, and this chart is dedicated to the countless hours spent DJing together, to the people we look up to and respect, who influenced us and helped us along the way. From Jlin to The Hacker, Not Waving to Brodinski, Paula Temple to Kraftwerk, our sound is made of their traces in our lives. We keep pushing ourselves and burning new borders so that one day we can feel worth their kinship.
Maelstrom & Louisahhh – Let The Night [RAAR]
This one is a rework of « Let The Beat Control Your Body » and « Night Clubbing » from our Bromance Era releases. We played it a lot in 2023, and it developed organically from the originals into this seismic monster – the biggest track of our sets, joy and rage, mayhem and love.
Kraftwerk – Tour de France [Parlophone UK]
I (Maelstrom) saw them live about 20 years ago, and it changed the way I understand music forever. A 10,000-crowd chanting and dancing to these incredibly minimal songs, the sonic impact of a pure sinewave, the attack of a system 100 modeled kickdrum. Nothing comes close, really.
The Hacker – Shockwave [Different]
He’s one of the most important producers in France, and shaped the sound of so many younger artists. From his productions with Kittin to his solo albums and countless EPs, he explores techno, electro, and even hardcore without losing his own style in the process. We love The Hacker.
Jlin – I Am The Queen [Planet Mu]
And indeed she is. Jlin is probably the most important producer to appear on the electronic music scene these past ten years. She changed the way music can be written and does everything with so much integrity, so much courage, so much strength, and love that every track of hers sounds like a benevolent assault on your own sense of self.
Model 500 – OFI [R&S Records]
Without Juan Atkins, we probably wouldn’t be making music today. He invented the kind of funk from the future that eventually became known as Detroit Electro and has generated thousands of producers across the entire universe.
Mark Acardiplan – Pitch Hiker (Sissel & Peder’s Double Drop Mix) [Perc Trax]
Every element about this track is about as weird as possible and also absolutely phenomenal. While we are huge fans of the original “Pitch Hiker” and based our own song “Enough” very transparently on its relentless build, heroes of the bizarre Sissel and Peder manage to take this ‘remix’ to unrecognizable places and have created an ultra-banger that is maybe my favorite track released in the last two years. I look for every opportunity to play this song in a DJ set, it sometimes doesn’t work out, but when it does it’s complete madness, which is what I am seeking ALWAYS.
Maelstrom & Louisahhh – The Seed [RAAR]
This song is my favorite one off our last album to play live. It works in a kind of double-time chaos and is really dynamic, traveling from a kind of whispered first verse to a very high-octane shouting and jumping second verse. For me, this song can be the turning point of any set and an opportunity to get the crowd really riled up. I am really proud of it, and I hope you love it, too.
Luz1e – Electronic Warfare [Voitax]
This track and “Nah” by Nite Fleit represent the next wave of electro being femme-driven. This track (and all of Luz1e’s music) is really tough and banging but not aggressive for its own sake, but something that’s courageous and very cool. I feel like this music has guts and soul and is a pleasure to play and to dance to.
Fever Ray – Mustn’t Hurry (Tzusing Remix) [Mute]
This was my favorite song off of Fever Ray’s Plunge record, and this Tzusing remix proves that something can be very slow and very hard. I really love the production here and how haunting and emotional the song is while being playable in a club. When I get to do open-to-close sets, this is a good one to set the mood early on.
Tiefschwarz – Warning Siren (Anthony Rother Remix) [Fine Records]
I’ve been playing this song since it came out in 2005, and historically, it’s been a huge inspiration for my ‘technopunk’ direction. Mattie Safer (formerly of The Rapture) lays down the impeccable vocals and Anthony Rother transforms the original into a gritty stomper. Still relevant, still perfect.