Playlist of the Week: Leotrix

Leotrix Playlist of the Week
Jan 24, 2024
Leotrix (Artist)
Australia’s dubstep don Leotrix delivers some rousing, high-powered track selects for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.
Hey, this is Leotrix. Big thanks to Beatport for having me in to curate their Playlist of the Week feature. Really keen to share some of the tunes I’m feeling at the moment, and the tracks that I’m dropping in my sets. Check them out below!
Infekt – Accelerator [Diciple Round Table]
I love tunes that make me feel like I’m going in a really fast car, and you can almost imagine the wheels turning to the song.
Simula – Bonesaw [Neksus Sound]
I know everyone is already raving about this one, but yeah… really love this tune from Simula. One of the best producers who can master that drum and bass sound but also the wickedest dubstep sounds.
Knoir – Emuu [NSD: Black Label]
This is still such a banger dubstep tune and will hopefully go down as a classic. The mixture of “crazy gun bass tear out dubstep” sound with melodic elements is so creative, along with such a unique rhythm flow.
IMANU, Buunshin – Music To Stay In Your House To (Buunshin’s Go Outside Remix) [Vision Recordings]
IMANU and Buunshin are both some of the best producers in the game right now. Everything they touch is gold.
BYEGONE, Equator, Muira – Candyflip [bitbird]
I love the vocals and the fx on this tune, and shoutouts to Equator. He is super underrated as a musician.
Kmoe, Syzy – Crush (Syzy Remix) [DistroKid]
Syzy is such a legend. Everyone needs to get around their music. Some of the most tasteful synth sound design I’ve heard in a while.
G Jones – Which Way [ILLUSORY RECORDS]
G Jones sent me this one just a bit before he released it. Definitely one of the coolest tunes ever, such a creative use of some really classic rave sounds.
Zero, Window Kid – Boozy (Daseplate & Joedan Remix) [Crucast]
Daseplate and Joedan are making some of the best dubstep out of the UK right now. Window Kid is a great MC too, shouts to him as well.
Wickaman, RV – Sound Clash [Program]
Love a good vibey roller drum & bass tune. This one is still one of my favourites of that style.
Aweminus – Frosty Witch Nips [Brooklyn Fire]
Yeah… Aweminus. His music is just out of this world.