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Curbi Beatport POTW
Jan 17, 2024
Curbi -
The UK’s eclectic bass house hero Curbi brings us an electrifying and all-embracing selection of tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.
Hey, I’m Curbi — a producer, DJ, and, as of recently, a proud label owner. I’ve been making house-inspired music for the last nine years and have been released on labels by the likes of Monstercat, Spinnin’ Records, Confession, and many more. Last year, I took the step of launching my own record label — SEEING IS BELIEVING — to capture exactly every sound and vibe I feel the most. For a brief introduction to my list, I’ve added a few of my own records to get a glimpse of what I am making and the variety of sounds I like in my own music… then, of course, a bunch of other tunes by some of my favorite artists right now. I usually like to play the deeper, groovier tracks since that is what I began making when I first started making/playing music. I hope you enjoy my list and get inspired by what I like!
Curbi – Kill The Lights (feat. Sarah de Warren) [Monstercat]
This one is my newest melodic one with Sarah de Warren. I had this instrumental that I made last year, and I was craving a certain feeling to match the dreamy vibe of the instrumental. I messaged Sarah, and she came back with the vocal almost immediately, and of course, it clicked.
Curbi – Sometimes I Get [SEEING IS BELIEVING]
This one from myself is one that I made for putting out on my label, a raw, melodic, but deeper/groovier club track. I like making this type of sound; I think it represents my versatility without making something ‘too weird.’
Eleganto, Zadquiel – Uncontrollable [SEEING IS BELIEVING]
This is another one from off my label by the talented Eleganto and his brother Zadquil. I love the uniqueness of this record and all of the elements. Eleganto’s sound design is so tight, and as soon as I heard this one, I wanted to sign it.
Odd Mob, OMNOM – Losing Control [Experts Only]
I love this vibe of minimal but aggressive. I think this is a type of track anyone can fit into their sets and be played on any kind of stage.
Fred Again.. – Hannah (the sun) [Atlantic Records UK]
One of my favourites from Fred.. I really love the way he samples all of these raw and natural sound vocals. There really is no need for a full-length vocal with the way this one is sampled. Melodic house tracks like this are something I am always listening to, and I aspire to make more tracks such as this.
AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo – Seismic [Fly With Us]
A straight banger from the guys here. This is a track I will always slip into my set wherever I play, and it just works. It’s the perfect in-between hard and soft track, which can break a vibe. Banger!
Bleu Clair – Boom Boom [Terminal Underground]
Bleu Clair has been one of my favourite house artists for a long time already, and this track represents how tight his tracks are. I love the minimal feeling of this one and the drums. It is a perfect track, yet again, for almost any set in between the harder tracks.
Curbi – Fuck It Up [House Call Records]
I made this one for my sets — a straight, hard-hitting and deep tune. When making club tracks, I like to give an edgy vibe to keep it interesting. I recorded this vocal to keep it interesting because these drops are simple and not too chaotic.
Oscar L – Monster Tube [Truesoul]
This record is so strong from beginning to end. I love the way it progresses with the melodic build and into the insanely deep drop. It’s something I wouldn’t necessarily play in my sets but something I love to play at an afterparty.
This one is from my friends Mike Cervello and Wiwek via their new alias, LUSU. I’m a huge fan of techno, and this one just goes so hard. This kick and the vocal combination work so well, and it goes down so nicely whenever I’ve heard it live.

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