Playlist of the Week: Metrika

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Jan 10, 2024
Metrika (Artist)
Curating the El Teatro stage at this year’s edition of Day Zero Festival in Tulum, Mexican DJ/producer Metrika celebrates his country’s vibrant underground music scene with some choice dance floor selections for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.
This playlist delves into the vibrant world of Mexican artists who have graced the esteemed ‘El Teatro’ stage at the Day Zero Festival, capturing the essence of the country’s rich artistic movement. This stage serves as a dynamic fusion of diverse music genres and artistic forms. At the heart of the Day Zero Festival, at El Teatro Stage, our goal is to curate a musical and artistic showcase of unparalleled quality. This endeavor enables us to explore a myriad of artistic and sonic expressions, providing an authentic portrayal of Mexico’s musical landscape. Within this carefully crafted selection, experience the true sound of the stage and discover the talented artists who contribute to its vibrant atmosphere. Metrika will be performing alongside acts like Black Coffee, Nicolas Lutz, DJ Tennis, Skream, festival organizer Damian Lazarus and more at the 2024 edition of Day Zero Tulum — taking place on Friday, January 12th. Secure tickets here. Check out Metrika’s ‘Playlist of the Week’ chart on Beatport.
Nortec: Bostich + Fussible – Give It To The Music [WM Mexico]
“Give It To The Music” by Nortec: Bostich + Fussible is a captivating masterpiece that flawlessly merges traditional banda instruments with the innovation of analog machines. This track serves as a delightful example of the distinctive Nortec sound.
Theus Mago – Eclipse [Correspondant]
“Eclipse” by Theus Mago is a statement of the unique prowess of Mateo, a one-of-a-kind producer whose love for synths radiates through every note of this track. Overflowing with energy and elegance.
Shiro Schwarz – Electrify [Fat Beat Records]
The funky retro elements are a standout feature, as Shiro Schwarz skillfully blends nostalgic sounds with a modern flair. The rhythmic beats and vibrant instrumentation transport the audience to a bygone era of funk and soul, all while maintaining a fresh and current vibe.
AAAA – Argos [Acid Test]
The ambient nature of AAAA allows for an immersive experience, where each layer of sound is meticulously crafted to elicit a sense of otherworldly exploration. Gabo’s affection for acid elements is palpable, as the track unfolds with a delicate balance between intricate modulation and a sense of sonic expansiveness.
Iñigo Vontier – Mental Letal [Optimo Music Digita]
Iñigo Vontier’s command over the dance floor is evident in the carefully crafted elements of “Mental Letal.” He embraces the darker side of dance music, offering a thrilling experience for those who crave a dance trip that goes beyond the ordinary.
Isaac Soto – Duda [NAFFI]
Polyrhythmic elements contribute to the rhythmic diversity of “Duda,” adding a sense of fluidity and movement. The overlapping rhythms create a captivating tension, adding layers of intrigue to the overall composition.
Rubinskee – Riel [Drecords]
In summary, “Riel” by Rubinskee is a house gem that not only pays homage to its roots but elevates the genre with intelligent production techniques. the clever use of distortion on vocals and depth in composition makes it a track that resonates on both an intellectual and dance floor level.
Ferraz – Latin Boogie (Dan Soto Remix) [Ferraz]
Dan Solo’s remix of “Latin Boogie” is a celebration of old-school funky vibes that truly brings the dance floor to life. Dan Solo not only preserves but amplifies the classic funky essence, creating a remix that is nothing short of infectious.
Cabizbajo, Colossio – Dolo [Logical Records]
The transitions between contrasting elements are executed with finesse, enhancing the overall storytelling aspect of the track.
Alvaro Ruiz – Kalimba-Wolf Morph [Transvection Ltd]
This track stands as a testament to the extraordinary talent and innovation that characterized Alvaro’s work in the realm of IDM. As we remember and celebrate his legacy, it serves as a poignant reminder of the genius we have lost.