Playlist of the Week: Eliza Rose

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Mar 2, 2022
Eliza Rose
With tracks from Paul Johnson, Kerri Chandler, Amy Dabbs, and Josh Caffe, London-based singer, songwriter and DJ Eliza Rose offers a joyful, soulful Playlist of the Week.
I’ve chosen tunes that really speak to me and have left a lasting impression; tracks and artists that continue to resonate with me. No matter what the genre or musical influence of the track, I am always looking for music that has soul, that feeling of joy and spirit that you get when you first hear the tune; one that never leaves you and can transport you back to a time, place or feeling! I have mostly tried to pick tracks that have really shaped my sound and still have a long-standing influence over me, plus a couple of newer gems that I feel will stand the test of time. Listen to Eliza Rose’s playlist on Beatport.
Nathan Haines, Verna Francis – Earth Is The Place (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix) [Papa Records]
Gorgeous and soulful! I love to start with this one. I think it sets a really good vibe and you can instantly recognise that people are feeling it.
Paul Johnson – Follow This Beat [Trax Records]
Legendary producer and DJ on a legendary label. Pure Chicago vibes from one of the best to ever do it. Paul Johnson, alongside Kerri and Moodymann, were some of the first producers that really got me into house.
Mosca – Bax (Original Mix) [Numbers]
This one saw a recent reissue and so it’s something I have been playing out again recently and it still always goes off and I doubt that will ever change. A UK staple.
Cody Currie, Eliza Rose – Another Love (Midnight Dub) [Shake Records]
My personal favourite from the Flames EP, and slyly the most underrated. Really love this one, Cody as always creates pure magic.
Grant Nelson – Spellbound [Boss Records]
Grant Nelson, the gift that keeps on giving. I’m yet to find a track that I don’t like. Such an important figure in the UK house and garage scene. This is one track I always go back to and it’s a fabulous closer!
Amaliah – Selened Serenade (Original Mix) [Nehza Records]
This one is more of a curveball I would play fitting in nicely with some speed garage! Amaliah is a wicked producer and one to watch.
TSHA – Power (Floorplan Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Two powerhouses combined, I think I first properly listened to this one in Mexico and I can’t lie it had me craving a rave back in London. Was ready to jump on the next flight home!
Kerri Chandler – Rain [Nervous Records]
King Kerri out on Nervous Records — what’s not to love? Classic. This is such a beautiful, deep track. Moody but somehow still uplifting.
Love Quartet – Kiss Me (Dont Be Afraid To Kiss Me) [Media Records]
One of the first electronic records I owned and a track I first taught myself to mix with. First released in 1992, this still sounds fabulous and sultry on the dance floor.
Amy Dabbs – Places [Running Out Of Steam]
Amy is one of my favourite producers right now, and this whole EP is fire. This is probably my favourite track. It’s one of those ones that makes you feel nostalgic even if it’s the first time hearing it.
Capitol A, Clyde – Serve It Up! feat. Capitol (Brooks Hip House Remix) [Classic Music Company]
Hip house at its hottest, this one comes out time and time again. I can’t imagine I will ever get bored of this track. I love good, sleazy lyrics, and this does not disappoint.
Josh Caffe – According To Jacqueline [Phantasy Sound]
One of the coolest cats in East London! Love this track and also the vocal bits he does with Paranoid London. This just track sums up a sweaty sexy club with sweat dripping off the walls and everyone is just free to be themselves and let loose.
M4A4 – Cartier (4×4 Mix) [Breaks & Pieces]
100% one of the hottest producers out right now, this one is a proper vibey little track on the forever brilliant Lobster Theremin.

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