Playlist of The Week: Janus Rasmussen (Kiasmos)

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Jul 9, 2024
Janus Rasmussen
Janus Rasmussen, the Reykjavík-based songwriter and one-half of the duo Kiasmos alongside Ólafur Arnalds, celebrates the arrival of their new album with some majestic selects for Beatport's Playlist of the Week.

We’re back with a brand-new album! It’s our first full-length release in a decade, and we couldn’t be prouder of it. We’ve poured our hearts into this one and are thrilled to finally be able to share it with you.

These days, I’m mainly on the road with Kiasmos and writing more songs for my solo projects.

Last year, I had the pleasure of releasing an EP with the baroque lute virtuoso David Bergmüller. It’s one of my all-time favourite projects, so give it a listen if you’re into unique instruments and genre-blending sounds!

The playlist is a mix of tracks I’ve been loving, whether they’ve been staples in my sets or recent discoveries that have caught my ear recently. It’s all music I genuinely enjoy, and I hope you will, too. Dive in and find something that inspires you!

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Pølaroit - Celo [Blue Marble]
This is a track from the EP of the German duo Pølaroit. The concept of the EP is centred around the church organ. I’m enjoying this EP these days, and this track has caught my attention especially.
Gryr - Letters [Blue Marble]
I have been listening to this artist a lot lately. He’s a master of gritty textures and lovely piano and pads. Lots of great use of field recordings as well. It’s very inspiring stuff.
Kiasmos - Told [Erased Tapes]
This track means a lot to me, and it takes me back to where we initially wrote it, which was in Bali in 2021 during the height of the pandemic. Writing music there definitely brought something new to our music.
Nuage, pecq - Night Air [House Of Youth]
I just discovered this song the other day. I connected to it right away. Super nice vocals and great use of piano and what sounds like a vibraphone. It is a short, sweet song which is endlessly repeatable.
Christian Löffler - A Life [Ki Records]
The title song of Christian’s new album. I love the long build of this track. The organic percussion and vocal chops are so tasteful and catchy. I’ve known Chrisitan for a while and released my debut album on his label, Ki Records.
Fejká - Pulsing [Ki Records]
Pulsing has been a staple in my sets ever since it came out. It’s a track which lives up to its name. It has such a great pulsing and vibrant soundscape. I love how big and wide the percussion is as well. It’s floating around your head.
Aparde - The Shift [Ki Records]
The Shift is another staple in my DJ sets. Aparde’s production is always on point. I feel like you can tell that he’s a drummer from the way he programs his drums and synth lines. They are always so interesting and exciting to listen to. He has a new EP out called 'Drown Me.' Go have a listen to it, it’s fantastic.
Nils Hoffmann, Panama, Jeremy Olander - Far Behind (Jeremy Olander Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Now, this is one of those tracks I wished I’d written. Everything is well laid out, and the journey on the track is clear and powerful. The production is so clean and evolving the entire time. And the drop is one of the best I’ve heard.
Nox Vahn - Lose Myself (Without You) [Anjunadeep]
I can’t get enough of the groove of this track. It’s so funky and vibrant. I’ve been playing a bunch of Nox’s tracks in my sets for some time now, and they always deliver such a great response.
Janus Rasmussen, David Bergmüller - Ado [Blue Marble]
I had the pleasure of working with David on an EP last year. It’s one of my favourite projects. Working with these old baroque instruments was endlessly inspiring to me as a producer, as the sounds are unique and fresh. I recommend the whole EP.