Playlist of the Week: Charlotte de Witte

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Apr 30, 2021
Charlotte de Witte
Belgian techno superstar Charlotte de Witte takes over Beatport’s Playlist of the Week with her new EP and plenty of peak-time bombs.
Besides all three tracks from the Formula EP on KNTXT, the playlist below features some of my favourite released tracks of this moment. Tracks I would love to play at any club or festival right now. There’s a high level of energy so this playlist is meant to give you that extra shot of adrenaline.
Charlotte de Witte – Doppler (Original Mix) [KNTXT]
The lead track of my new EP on KNTXT. I used a sound legacy that sounds very familiar and has been used over and over again already in the past. An old school sound embedded in a modern techno environment. To me, it’s very beautiful in its simplicity. Less is often more.
Lukas Firtzer – Paragon (Original Mix) [SUARA]
Lukas Firtzer is known to make serious acid bangers. I’ve been following him for a while now and his stripped acidic approach to techno is something that I appreciate a lot. The message is always clear in his releases.
Giovanni Carozza – Nova (Original Mix) [ODD RECORDINGS]
If there’s a love relationship between techno and trance, this is one of the tracks in this playlist that perfectly embodies that statement. This is a very functional, high energy track that’s made to destroy dance floors.
David Temessi feat. Mr. A – The Seventh (Nico Moreno Remix) [RAWE]
This one hits differently. I was already a big fan of the original mix and played it in several sets all over the world. Nico Morano’s remix brings it to another level. Hard hitting kicks, hardcore elements and an acid line that makes you shiver. If you ask me, this is the perfect track to play towards the end of a set.
Charlotte de Witte – RPM (Original Mix) [KNTXT]
The second track on my Formula EP on KNTXT and probably my personal favourite. It’s less in your face, but still has a defined break and drop, which generates energy. I love how the acid is floating around and doing its thing. I can really lose myself in tracks like these.
Steende – Past (Original Mix) [DSR DIGITAL]
Another track that I truly enjoy playing. I usually play it a little more pitched down since the original BPM is 142. I’m a sucker for the catchy synth line in there. And to me, this track hits the perfect balance between trance and techno.
Ackermann – Consciousness (Marcal Remix) [UNCAGE]
Imagine you’re at an all night long event where I’m playing and you’re two hours or so in the set. After playing some more ambient, experimental music, I would start setting the tone with playing tracks like these. A more stripped down, yet highly effective track.
Optimuss – Oxidizing (Original Mix) [OFF RECORDINGS]
Another acid banger from Russian artist Optimuss. The kind of track that would destroy any type of dancefloor. 137 BPM hard hitting acid techno. Exactly how I like them to be.
Anders Hellberg – Crispholeya (Notzing Version) [NORTHALLSEN RECORDS]
A track that touches another side of electronic music. I’ve been known to play some ambient/experimental stuff as well, especially for a podcast or set for the radio. This one ticks that box. It’s a great one to set the vibe and start a musical conversation.
Deas – Hidden (Original Mix) [PLANET RHYTHM]
This is a track that I’ve had for a while but recently rediscovered. I love the acidic touch in there, but the best moment is when that synth opens in the middle of the track. It works. A lot.
N.O.B.A. – Symmetric (X&trick Remix) [ITHICA RECORDS]
I’ve been listening to Belgian artist X&trick for a while already and I’m really digging his ravey, fast tempo approach. It brings me back to my younger days and my first experiences with underground rave music. It’s highly acidic, sometimes a little chaotic, and I absolutely love it.
Charlotte de Witte – Formula (Original Mix) [KNTXT]
The third and last track of my Formula EP on KNTXT. This one also included the revving engine and race car sounds that are present in the entire EP. I kept this track probably as true as possible to “my sound” by including that specific acid line in there. A sound that I love so much, and have been using in my productions for a long time now.
Krl Mx – Miss Universe (Original Mix) [LIFE IN PATTERNS]
A recent discovery. Fantastic, catchy music that sticks in your brain. This is the kind of music I would play towards the end of my set. It grabs your attention and doesn’t let you go.
Kento (BE) – Evangelic (Original Mix) [ITHICA RECORDS]
I discovered this Belgian artist a little while ago, and even though he makes other stuff that’s very interesting, this track really stands out. It’s very pure and stripped. There’s not a lot going on but this is exactly the kind of pure techno that I love so much. That vocal and pad on top brings it to a whole other level.
Omis (IT) – Distraction (Original Mix) [REVOLUTION RECORDS]
Heavy stuff! Proper stripped, aggressive, straight forward techno. I just love how the vocal in this track communicates with the hard hitting techno sound. This track is sure to destroy any dance floor.
Charlotte de Witte – Sgadi Li Mi (Original Mix) [KNTXT]
The track that probably defined my year. In my BBC Radio 1 takeover from a little while ago, I called it a “lost release”. This would’ve been a fantastic release to play on festival stages but never got the chance to reach its full potential because of the situation we had in 2020. It’s a little bittersweet but will always be, because of the amount of people it reached but also because of the reason mentioned above, one of my most memorable releases.
Coqman – Ilian Test (Parde Grilon Remix) [CONCEPTO HIPNOTICO]
The remix, but especially the original mix just flow beautifully on a 303 line. To me, this could be the perfect listening track for at home but also a track that could be played in the clubs. It’s less energetic and in your face compared to some other tracks, but it creates some time to breathe and tells a beautiful story.
Aint.s – 477 (Original Mix) [PLATFORM 22]
A deeper track. A little bit dubby and groovy but quite fast. It’s the perfect set to play somewhere toward the end of a set and bring things down a little energy wise (because it’s so stripped) but keep it flowing. I love tracks like these.
Freeboy – Down To Reduce (Original Mix) [HARDEST SOFT]
A 152 BPM closing track to end this playlist with. A beautiful, long intro that deserves to be played fully. Let the arpeggio come in and take you away. This one really — and always — leaves me wanting more.

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