Ben Hauke Selects His 10 Favorite Drums & Grooves

Ben Hauke Beatportal
Jun 25, 2024
Cameron Holbrook
The multifaceted UK artist celebrates the arrival of his debut album 'Club Cute' with ten tunes that elevate his sonic inspiration.

South London producer and musician Ben Hauke has been making beats and navigating across different genre territories for the better part of a decade. In 2024, his electrifying production prowess has culminated in the release of his remarkable debut album, Club Cute — out now via Touching Bass.

To celebrate the arrival of his fierce 12-track LP, Hauke has linked up with Beatport to share with us the grooves, drums, and compositions that make him tick. Check out the playlist below.

Ben Hauke's debut album Club Cute is out now via Touching Bass. Buy it on Beatport.

Check out Ben Hauke's 'Favorite Grooves' chart on Beatport
Kaidi Tathem - He Laughs She Cries [First World Records
Warming up with some jazz bruk in ⅞ time signature. The groove here speaks for itself - the first time hearing the drop on this one spun me. It's such a great track name - it reminds me of a painting.
Ben Hauke - Drum Tool [YAM Recordings]
This was the first drum tool I ever made — I wasn't sure it was even a thing when I made it — so for a while, I was trying to add melodies and chords to finish it off. Released it just as Covid started with YAM records — the timing was bad! No ones fault, so I feel it was a bit looked over as a released… it happens.
Mr G - One for the headz
I wish he made more with this kind of groove. It inspired me a lot — having a rolling techno energy but on a bruk groove is really what I'm about — most of the time, at least. This track slaps.
Bakey, Breaka - Pro Perc [Breka Recordings]
Some high end percussion by these brothers — very well made. A bit like my track "Drum Tool" — but actually mixed propa!
Cop Envy - Rat Break [Hypercolour]
I've had this tune for a while but somehow managed to forget about it over the years. Rediscovered it when making this list. Vibe.
These guys are dope—pretty much every track by them could be on this list. I love how they stick with such a specific sound that it doesn't ever get boring. Pure groove magic — drums, bass, and SFX. Simple yet great.
Ben Hauke - TEKFUNK [Touching Bass]
This track started as a drum performance from my TR8-S drum machine. I was looking to fuse UK funky with techno, hence the name. I was very inspired by INVT, keeping it simple and bouncy.
Spectr, Bakongo - Off Gaurd [Hotflush Recordings]
A recent discovery for me. Great fun in the club and it works with so much.
Bluetoof - Inverted [fabric Records]
I find Bluetoof to be very exciting as a DJ and producer. I've been following him for a few years and love what he's doing. This track really stood out to me — really dope.
Yaleesa Hall - Zoe Price [Will & Ink]
This is not really just the drums but everything that makes the groove — the production, the arps, the wacky stuff. I've loved his approach to music. I always know it's one of his.