Playlist of the Week: Perel

Perel Playlist of the Week Beatport
Jun 26, 2024
Following the launch of her freshly minted Hits Hits Hits imprint, East German DJ/producer Perel puts together a spectacular and sunny collection of her favorite summer hits for Beatport's Playlist of the Week.

Warning: The following playlist contains material that may cause euphoria in your brain. If you require support, please call Perel Hits Helpline: 222-222-222

Diving into this unforgettable summer banger playlist, we clearly can see three main influences:

First, present hits by Marie Davidson, Kim Ann Foxman, Alinka, Curses, CC:Disco and NairLess (Jex Polis Remix). Thank you for not selling your soul to the devil but endowing us with real and authentic talent. (Also, I secretly added my new single, “1 Life,” to this humble playlist).

Second, teenage and early youth memories from the early 2000s: Fischerspooner and Feist (Boys Noize Rmx) - tracks that hit hard on MySpace and were an integral part of the Indie Sleeze era. My style back then: Lindsay Lohan meets Bloc Party at 6 am. By the way, I never understood why they called it ‘the early 2000s” until I realized it’s 2024.

The third main influence comes from an even earlier memory: Dance music from the late 90s. I recall hearing “Beachball” while watching the “Love Parade” live on television. Too young to rave, too old to be innocent. I so badly wanted to be there but my Backstreet Boys poster said no.

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Perel - 1 Life [Hits Hits Hits Records]
“1 Life” marks the first release of my freshly launched label “Hits Hits Hits Records.” Yay! Some people asked me ‘what’s the story behind the label?” Well, it’s such a fantastic tax write-off. Plus, I finally get to write and publish deep lyrics such as “It’s a long way to heaven, you’ve got to fake it until you’ll make it” without other people’s approval.
Marie Davidson - Y.A.A.M. [DEEWEW]
The Goddess’ lyrics never miss - intriguing and sharp like a knife. I love the directness of “Y.A.A.M.” It also comes with a Soulwax again which makes so much sense. Loveeee.
CC:Disco - Guitar Hero [Miami Daddy]
I wish I was old enough to rave in the '90s, especially at some Ibiza summer parties. How was rave culture back then? How was the island before the Vengaboys arrived? Well, I will never know but I somehow imagine (based on historical data) it sounded a bit like CC:Disco’s “Guitar Hero” - Authentic Balearic House or dreamy Progressive House as experts would say.
Kim Ann Foxman - We Are Rhythm (Spray Remix) [Self:Timer]
Kim Ann Foxman remixed by Spray is a win-win situation. I knew this track would be fire before even listening to it. And what can I say - it did not disappoint but became a regular in my DJ sets. Psychedelic sister Kim Ann’s approach to music is so unique and I adore how Spray didn’t take that away, yet added his distinct sound to hers.
Curses - Another Heaven [Italians Do It Better]
In fact, Italians do it better (stated by a German). Heard Curses’ new single, which is also the title track of his new album, and fell in love. Besides that, Luca Venezia is a person I admire for many reasons, but one is his personality that shines through his music. Authentic and special.
Fisherspooner - Emerge (Junkie XL Remix) [Capitol Records US]
Now, let's talk about this cookie. Released in 2001, it feels like it set the tone of a whole new era. I had to Google this because my introduction to credible music began much later. But when it happened, a lot of the so-called “Indie Sleeze” / Electro Clash scene seemed to sound like that: High-Cut filters turned up to the max but with a warm analogue touch.
Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Classic Mix) [Kitsuné Musique]
I was closing one of my sets with this mega-hit from 2007, convinced I would kill it, but everyone stared at me like WTF. Then I realized I’m playing in front Gen-Z kids. But wait, are those not the ones who bring back all the stuff I lost on my 1GB iPod fifteen years ago? I’m confused.
NairLess - Dazzling Fantasy (Jex Opolis Remix) [DistroKid]
Let’s put it that way - what’s not to like about this track? It contains all the elements that make a house track successful in 2024: Solid beat, proper bassline, some stacked vocals and leads, trance pads, plus a piano (of course). We would put it in the category “90s psychedelic trance / progressive house”. Anything else?
Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Extended Vocal Mix) [Kontor Records]
Ok, for all DJs: If you want an emo dance floor moment that softens every raver heart, boosts serotonin levels, and even reunites enemies in the club, I strongly recommend “Beachball” — released in 1997.
Alinka - Freedom Dance [Guru Records]
Alinka’s music isn’t chasing, it’s attracting. That’s why I’m a fan. Her new EP “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” sounds effortless and wholesome.