Marc Romboy Selects 10 Essential Tracks From 20 Years Of Systematic Recordings

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Jun 20, 2024
Marc Romboy
Germany's distinguished dance music veteran Marc Romboy celebrates two decades of his pivotal Systematic Recordings imprint with the stories behind ten of the label's most essential hits.

"Here's my personal selection of the top ten essential tracks from Systematic Recordings. While I could easily highlight fifty tracks that define the label, these ten have significantly shaped its history and discography. I hope you enjoy my picks!" - Marc Romboy

Starting on June 21st, Marc Romboy and his Systematic Recordings imprint will release a new single every week during the summer to celebrate the label's 20th anniversary. The series kicks off with a fresh tune from Gui Borrato titled "Hit The Ground" — out now via Systematic Recordings!

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Urban Soul - Alright
Besides "Love´s got me high" this is another house classic I could release on Systematic with great new remixes. This is true and soulful deep house in my ears. Check it out if you do not know about it.
Stephan Bodzin - Tron
Stephan is unquestionably one of the pivotal artists who infused our label with a unique flair that sets it apart. "Tron," a gem from the early days, encapsulates the exhilarating spirit of a rollercoaster journey through electronic music. Stephan’s mastery of the Mini Moog synthesizer on this track is akin to a wild, acid-soaked rodeo ride, dynamic, unpredictable, and thrilling. "Tron" has earned a permanent spot in my virtual record case, thanks to its relentless energy and timeless appeal, ensuring it will continue to electrify dance floors for years to come.
Marc Romboy, Blake Baxter - Freakin'
It's always a bit surreal to discuss tracks I've co-produced, but "Freakin'" with my friend Blake Baxter remains one of the most influential releases on Systematic. Working with Blake, often hailed as the "Prince of Techno," has been a remarkable honor. His significant contributions to the Detroit sound through his soulful releases on iconic labels like Underground Resistance, Tresor, and Inkognito, have truly defined the genre. Blake's voice is not just poetic; it’s a profound expression of techno that resonates with soul and spirit, reaching directly into our hearts.
Dusty Kid - Tsunamy
Let me also mention the debut sensation from my dear friend Paolo Lodde, aka Dusty Kid, "Tsunamy." Released in 2007, this track quickly became a timeless anthem, selling tons of records and captivating dance floors worldwide. Embodying the immense force of its namesake, "Tsunamy" never becomes outdated and continues to unleash waves of exhilaration. It’s not just music; it's a surge of energy that elevates mind, body, and soul, driving listeners into euphoric heights. A classic example of how music can naturally lift spirits, "Tsunamy" offers a pure, intoxicating high through its dynamic rhythms and compelling beats.
Jimpster - Eel Pie Island (Adam Port Remix)
To me, Jimpster is the reigning king of real deep house music today. I'm still intrigued by the mysterious title "Eel Pie Island," but there's no mystery about the track's impact—it continues to blow me away. Jamie, or Jimpster, has an undeniable groove that seems to be a part of his very essence. And let's not overlook the Adam Port remix, which remains a formidable weapon in any DJ's arsenal. If you're a fan of genuine deep house and haven't yet experienced "Eel Pie Island," your next move is clear. Dive into this track NOW and feel the groove that only Jimpster can deliver.
Robert Babicz - Sin
My buddy Robert stands as a crucial pillar of the Systematic framework, with four albums and numerous singles enriching our label. Picture him as a mad electronic music professor, concocting sounds with the precision of a chemist in his lab. "Is it a vice to love deep sub basses?" If so, his track "Sin" is gloriously guilty.
Abysm - Future Love
"Future Love" epitomizes the early days of Systematic like few others can. Crafted by Düsseldorf's own Martin Gast and Michael Maas, this track emerged as a prototype for the modern disco sound, adorned with remarkable bass melodies and infused with the distinct flavors of Linn and DMX drum machines. A little fun fact for the aficionados: this EP holds the title of the best-selling Systematic 12" of all time. "Future Love" isn't just a track; it's a cornerstone of our label's legacy, setting dance floors alight with its vibrant and enduring grooves.
Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy - Phobos (Moritz Von Oswald Remix)
When Moritz von Oswald agreed to remix "Phobos," a dark techno track I crafted with Stephan Bodzin, I was initially in disbelief. Moritz, the mastermind behind iconic projects like Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound, has always been a pioneer, inventing and exploring crossover genres that previously didn't exist. His take on "Phobos" is nothing short of breathtaking, a deep dive into the realm of dub techno that you'll remember forever. The mix is rich with subtle details that emerge only after several listens, revealing layers and textures that enhance the track’s depth with each experience. I typically reserve my enthusiasm, but in this case, I can't help but express how genuinely proud I am of this remix. It’s a testament to the transformative power of his musical vision.
Terrence Parker - "Love's Got Me High“ (Marc Romboy's Systematic Soul Remix)
Remixing Terrence Parker's "Love's Got Me High" was a profound honor. Terrence, known not just for his musical genius but also as a supremely gentle and gracious individual, has made a lasting impact on the house music scene. His track is a cornerstone of the genre, celebrated for its uplifting spirit and soulful melody. Approaching such a classic, I aimed to respect the original while infusing it with my own creative touch. My remix became a journey of honoring a track that has inspired countless on the dance floor, combining the essence of the original with a fresh, contemporary feel. It was a humbling experience, and I'm thrilled to share this blend of classic and modern vibes with the world. Fans of the track will be happy to know that the remix has just been released on a limited edition 10" in white vinyl, a true collector's item.
Les Visiteurs - Time Slide By
When I reflect on the most iconic tracks from Systematic, I realize that nearly every artist involved is a friend of mine. This is true for Tommie Sunshine, Michi Lange, and Boris Dlugosch, who is currently instrumental in managing our label’s digital releases. "Time Slide By" by Visituers stands out as a prime example. Tommie's distinctive voice melded with the quintessential '80s beats crafted by Michi and Boris creates a true dancefloor slammer. Unfortunately, it has been the only release by Les Visituers on Systematic, but given the magic of this collaboration, I'm hopeful I can persuade them to come together for another standout track soon.

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