The 7 Best Minimal/Deep Tech Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Oct 9, 2020
Raphael Pujol
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Casey Spillman, Kreutziger, DC Dubz, Ken Kelly and more.


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Casey Spillman – Humidity Metre (Original Mix) [Locus]
This is one of my favourite tracks in the genre from this year. This track has so much personality and energy. Casey Spillman, a man on the rise, has definitely outdone himself. The glassy melody and simple yet effective bass groove have a hypnotic effect that will get anyone vibing!
Kreutziger – Krkvibe (Original Mix) [ Rendr Records]
If you have not heard of Kreutziger yet, it’s time you go check them out. This phenomenal duo is taking over the Dutch scene with their majestic productions. Krkvibe is their newest track out on Rendr Records and it’s here to stay! The filtered stab taking over the track will give you all sorts of emotion through, while some neat shuffle drums add so much character to the tune. A must-have for your bag.
Oden, FATZO – Casinomania (Original Mix) [Salty Nuts]
For a while now, there has been a new “accelerated” tempo trend in minimal and this is a perfect example. At 132 BPM, this track captures an atmosphere and energy with its stabby FZ and pads while the typical shuffle drums remain very dry and piercing through the mix to keep the energy going. You should definitely check out the rest of the EP. This is a good one to get the party started for sure!
Den Haas – The Beach (SY’s Sunrise At The Beach Remix) [EWax]Den Haas – The Beach (SY’s Sunrise At The Beach Remix) [EWax]
On remix duties for Den Haas via his EWax imprint, SY delivers an emotional deep cut that will fit and adapt itself to any moment of your set. It has all the ingredients to satisfy all the needs of a dancefloor. I love how the vocals are introduced, just enough to feel the sensuality and maintaining a minimalistic approach. Accompanied by a bright and rubber bassline, warm and lush pads, SY shows us why he is one of the most relevant producers of the moment.
Ken Kelly – Tell Me (Original Mix) [Andera Records]
This track from Ken Kelly on Andhera Records is definitely very crossover with deep house. The huge atmosphere and the pads take a lot of space and are flooded with effects, which creates an incredible vibe throughout while still managing to maintain this forward-moving energy. The dry vocal and melodic stabs play a big role in keeping the track dancefloor-oriented. A must hear and something a bit different from most of the tracks we feature on the minimal page.
Selidos – Fasten (Original Mix) [Dirty Hands]
Slides’ “Fasten” single on “Dirty Hands explores the deeper shades of minimal and microhouse blending with garage and 2-step rhythms. The drums are very tight and expect a fair share of rim shots and swing drums. You will have just enough harmony in the background to generate emotion and make your hips shake.
DC Dubz – Feel the Rhythm (Original Mix) [Play Groove Recordings]
The lead single off DC Dubs’ Feel the Rhythm EP on Play Groove Recordings takes you on a journey through the juxtaposition of all its elements. The drums will capture your body, and the harmonic elements — tied up with some soulful vocals — will capture your soul. It’s one of those tracks that will make you forget time. Close your eyes and travel through the story.

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