The 7 Best Progressive House Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Oct 30, 2020
Beatport Staff
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Partenaire, E-Clip, Nōpi, Weird Sounding Dude, Mattim, and more.


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Partenaire – Mercurial State (Original Mix) [Transpecta]
Up-and-coming Buenos Aires producer, DJ, and music writer, Partenaire, delivers a ghostly sonic expedition on “Mercurial State,” one of three tracks on his arresting Tunnelvision EP via Transpecta. For those regularly in search of temperate yet gripping beats, Partenaire has quite the magic touch.
Siva Prayojan – Lost We Are [Differed Records]
Over the years, Siva Prayojan has made a name for himself in electronic music — a few, actually, under aliases such as Deej, DeLaFlame, and Pavaka. Out now via Differed Records, Siva Prayojan’s latest Destinys Chant EP offers the warm, melodic “Lost We Are,” an aptly-titled tune that epitomizes the beauty of simply letting go and embracing the moment.
Arn, Korb – Perfecta [Explore Records]
If you’re a sucker for luscious synths, this one’s for you: “Perfecta” comes to us via fresh faces Arn and Korb on Explore Records. A standard progressive house arrangement guides this tune, but the angelic synth melodies sprinkled throughout the production really drive this one home — make some room for bliss in your life and listen to “Perfecta.”
E-Clip – Akasha [JOOF Recordings]
With roots in trance and its psychedelic subgenres, E-Clip nails a harmonious balance between high-energy psytrance and tranquilizing progressive house throughout his catalog, including his latest release, “Akasha” via JOOF Recordings. This track expands and retracts through a variety of vocal, percussion, and melodic elements, all the while bearing an irresistible groove — what a ride.
Menkee – Black Butterfly (Mattim Remix) [BC2]
It’s always exciting to hear a fabulous song from a newcomer to the scene: Argentinian producer Mattim takes on Menkee’s “Black Butterfly” via BC2 Records for a tantalizing new ride. When you press play, that beefy kick drum serves as the perfect foundation for muted melodies and harmonizing vocals to come. Anyone who misses the feeling of experiencing live music should hear this tune to feel nostalgic for the clock striking 5 a.m. on the dance floor: it’s a fitting end to a long, memorable evening.

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