The 7 Best Deep House Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Mar 5, 2021
Steve Mill
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring G. Markus, Bolton, Dam Swindle, Carlo, and more.
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Gene Tellem – Ain’t Got Everything (Original Mix) [Wolf Music Recordings]
I have personally been a huge fan of Wolf Music since the very beginning. They have discovered so many great house music artists, including Medlar and Greymatter, amongst others. Gene Tellem is a relatively fresh name, but it feels like with this quality of music, he’s going to be buzzing around for a while. This is “Ain’t Got Everything” on Wolf Music.
Dam Swindle – Get Together (Original Mix) [AUS Music]
Spice Run EP is Dam Swindle’s (formerly known as Detroit Swindle) latest offering on AUS Music, one of house music’s most outstanding labels. I am picking up the b-side here, called “Get Together,” as I wanted to make sure you are not missing out on such a beautiful little groover. Lovely syncopation on all musical parts, keys, bongos, and some vocal stabs here and there. It all comes together wonderfully to give this stunning six-and-a-half-minute result.

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