The 7 Best Indie Dance Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Mar 12, 2021
Tom Peters
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Kate Ozz, Argia, Moderna & Borusiade, Chloe (FR), Mala Ika, and more.
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Kate Ozz – Second Serve [Disco Halal]
Kate Ozz is one of Moscow’s best-kept secrets. She caught my attention with her release on Soulfooled which was rich in bass and melodies followed by this synth-driven, high-energy dance floor banger called “Second Serve” on Disco Halal. You don’t have to wait for the clubs to re-open, download it now and start dancing in your living room to this one!
Argia – Belada [Asli Music]
Argia returned with a mesmerizing tune filled with sophisticated synth work called “Balada”. Her music gives us a glimpse into her soul — elegant, playful, and with deep emotions. With its joyful disco tints, “Balada” is a dynamic piece that tells the story of a night out with friends linking up to have fun and disconnect their minds for a while. It was born influenced by the sounds of the late ‘80s in Valencia, a musical genome that always influences Argia’s compositions.
Yourr – Technicolor (Mala Ika Remix) [Songspire Records]
Get into the late-night hours with this magnificent remix from Mala Ika. Coming in hot with a trippy atmosphere of catchy arpeggiated synths, indie snares, claps, deep grooves, and an energized kick drum, I think we are more than ready to dance the night or the morning away with this one.
Moderna & Borusiade – Expert Mental [Ran$om Note]
This great lockdown collaboration from Moderna & Borusiade on Ran$om Note’s Pen Pals compilation — a 14-track collection that was compiled to give artists and Ran$om Note with much-needed financial support during the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Expert Mental” is a perfectly intimate dark disco excursion that haunts you from far away in the mix.
Chloe (FR) – Where It Began [Permanent Vacation]
As much a film music enthusiast as an accomplished guitar player, French Artist Chloe stumbled into the electronic scene early on, developing an unwavering curiosity for sound machines. Last time I saw her was when she played before Dixon in Panorama Bar on a Sunday. Chloe’s set was sensual and intimate, the perfect setting as it was already dark outside and cozy inside. “Where It Began” reflects on that vibe perfectly — a mix of dreamy and warm indie dance working in sync with a mysterious dark disco sound.
Giorgia Angiuli – Nighthawks 01 (Ivan Masa Remix) [United]
Classically trained musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Giorgia Angiuli gets memorable a remix treatment from fellow Italian producer Ivan Masa, an artist best known for his unique and energetic mix between indie dance and melodic. Here, he creates a modern dancefloor-ready mix with a touch of synth nostalgia while giving the vocals a bit more edge so it has a more dominant feeling.
Joyce Muniz – Crystalline (In Flagranti Remix) [Exploited]
It would be a travesty if people missed this beautiful remix from alt-disco legend In Flagranti. This subtle yet potent rework of Austrian artist Joyce Muniz’s “Crystalline” keeps the melodies and woozy male vocal intact while remodeling them with somewhat gentler textures and a more chugging tempo. Wildly sensual and laconically hypnotic with its tumbling conga rhythms and warm analog synths, it’s a very necessary addition to the package.

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