The 7 Best Afro House Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Mar 19, 2021
Steve Mill
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Giorgio Bassetti, Harry Romero, Floyd Lavine, Hanna Hais, and more.
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Giorgio Bassetti – Armendralo (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves]
Giorgio Bassetti is a relatively new name to the Afro House scene. Here, we see him teaming up with the Nite Grooves label team to deliver a gem of a deep Afro House groover, set to move you for sure when you hit the dancefloors again!
Harry Romero feat. Jessica Eve – It Hurts (Original Mix) [Crosstown Rebels]
I have followed Harry Romero since my very early days in house music, 20 years ago. His quality remains exceptional, and his new single on Crosstown Rebels is here to prove this one more time. Teaming up with Jessica Eve, they deliver an addictive Afro House track that balances perfectly the usage of percussion, the vocals, the musical elements, focusing on the one thing that matters the most. To make you dance to it!
Floyd Lavine feat. Lore Vain – We Here Now (Original Mix) [African Tales]
Sweet little deep Afro beat here, Floyd Lavine teams up with Lore Vain to deliver a stunning and hypnotic viber with interesting, lush instrumentation that slowly builds throughout the track. All that on Floyd’s new label, which makes it even more exciting. Afrikan Tales its name is! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this new imprint.
Emanuele Esposito – Kuyenda (Original Mix) [Switchlab]
The Switchlab team has been delivering so many hit tunes over the last few months, and this new single from Emanuele Esposito, called “Kuyenda,” is no exception. An addictive mono synth loop that works as the track’s riff, featuring jungle-sounding effects left and right with an overall dark and hypnotic mood, make this Afro track is not-to-be-missed! Crossing over to the melodic fans as well here, so watch out!
Hanna Hais – Malinke (Original Mix) [Celsius Degree Records]
Even though it came out a few weeks back, it’s worth bringing to your attention for many reasons. First, it’s Hanna Hais, and we love Hanna Hais here at Beatport. Secondly, if there was a dancefloor open this week, this is the Afro track you’d want to hear at the club. It sounds heavy, and the soundsystem would not disappoint you! Let’s hope things will go back to normal soon so we can dance to tracks like this.
Kiko Navarro feat. Paul Randolph – The Captain Of Her Heart (Clemente Reinterpretation [Afroterraneo Music]
Kiko Navarro is no newcomer to the house music scene, a very diverse musician with sounds ranging from deep to soulful to tech and Afro house. This is his latest offering on his own imprint, Afroterraneo Music, straight from the Balearic island of Mallorca, where he resides. Teaming up with Paul Randolph and getting a stunning remix treatment from Spanish talent Clemente, it’s time to meet “The Captain Of Her Heart.”
The Young Collective feat. Jei – Ochun (Original Mix) [Ferosh]
We recently launched Afro Latin sub-genre over here at Beatport. The reason was we wanted to give impressive tracks like this a space of their own dedicated space. “Ochun” is a song that combines the best of both worlds when it comes to Afro and Latin influences over dance music and house. The result is a bright, warm-sounding summer track that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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