The 7 Best Minimal / Deep Tech Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Jun 19, 2022
Michael Dressel
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Stephan Bazbaz, Carlos A, Personality Disorder, Mr. Fowks, and more.
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Stephan Bazbaz, Carlos A, Personality Disorder, Mr. Fowks, and more. Carlos A – Swish (Original Mix) [J.A Music]
Do you like minimal as well as acid sounds? Great! Then here is a track for you that combines both worlds perfectly. “Swish,” the leading track off Chilean DJ/producer Carlos A’s Swish EP — released on J.A Music — rings true with an incredible sound that would fit into any set time. From the warm-up to the afters, “Swish” does the job no matter what. It’s something you can listen to all day.
Jesse Jacob – Stones (Original Mix) [Airtime Records]
You should definitely check out the Dutch talent Jesse Jacob and his imprint Airtime Records in case you haven’t done that yet. “Stones,” the second track of his Sketchin EP, is an uplifting minimal groover that’s guaranteed to bring you into a good mood! What’s really special about the track is that it already works perfectly as an instrumental, but then the vocal hits in the first break and adds this fantastic soulful vibe to its sound. It brings to mind the moment when everyone’s arms shoot into the sky on the dancefloor. Jesse Jacob everybody!
Stephan Bazbaz – The Life (Original Mix) [Locus]
Let’s go on a spheric journey together with Tel Aviv’s Stephan Bazbaz. His closing track, “The Life,” off the artist’s Voyage EP on UK-based label Locus, is a crossover of deep house and minimal, which is why I want to take this chance to showcase it to the community. It hits you with a dry kick, a very driving and pushy sub, but carries on with an amazingly smooth demeanor. The beautiful synth lines are complemented by a very subtle acid progression that guides you through the eight-minute track with ease. This song just goes on and on and on in the best way possible. It was made for an infinite loop.
Personality Disorder – What Ever You Say (Original Mix) [Personality Disorder Music]
Never heard of Personality Disorder? Well, maybe Guti and David Gtronic are names you do recognize. These two powerhouses have teamed up once again under the moniker to present their second album, What Ever You Say. Released in December of 2020, it’s a twelve track long player loaded with tunes that will amaze. The LP’s lead track and namesake is the epitome of minimal house. Imagine yourself dancing at Sunwaves Festival. What would your reaction be to this tune? I’d be losing it! By the way, here are another eight minutes of groove that pass by like the wink of an eye.
Josh Baker – Satisfactory Screen (Original Mix) [hedZup records]
Josh Baker’s “Satisfactory Screen” — released on hedZup Records— is the perfect track to close out your set. The Paris-based label celebrated its foundation with a 5 Years Anniversary V/A compilation that proves its dance floor dynamism. Josh is one of Manchester’s most talented DJ’s and producers and contributes to the collection with an energetic and powerful track. A very sharp punctual bassline, uplifting chords, and playful synth form an atmosphere full of positivity. You are bound to get some high fives ending your set with this one.
Louis White – Eternal (Original Mix) [MO-OB]
Louis White’s “Eternal” — the leading track off his recent Eternal EP via the London-based label MO-OB — is a sexy, spheric produced track that’s probably not in the playlist of many, yet deserves to be. It’s the first time he appears on my radar, and I can’t wait to listen to more of his music. Here is a chance to be one of the first ones to support this rising talent.
Mr. Fowks – What’s Up (Original Mix) [Outsiders Records]
“What’s Up?” Guillermo Omar Foulkes, AKA Mr. Fowks, delivers a secret weapon on Outsiders Records. Das wassup! I love this track. It’s a bomb! No further description is needed. I dropped this one back in October at an open air with 600 people (with everyone following local Covid-19 rules, of course). The vibe on the dance floor was already cookin’, and when this slammer started to kick in, everyone just lost it. I highly recommend you drop “What’s Up” every time you want to bring the heat to the floor. For more minimal / deep tech tracks you may have missed, check out our Beatport Link Playlist. Start your free trial of Beatport LINK.