The 7 Best Techno [Peak Time/Driving] Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Jan 25, 2021
Beatport staff
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Andrea Signore, PETER PAHN, Karim Alkhayat, Push, David Sellers, and more.
Bolster, Kaspar (DE) – Two Souls (Andrea Signore Remix) [Made In Brussels]
Andrea Signore takes on Bolster and Kaspar’s “Two Souls,” keeping the original’s driving elements and adding in some trance-y pads for good measure. Made for the main-stage, this is a huge effort by everyone involved.
D-Unity, Juli Aristy – Illegal [Unity Records]
With a killer vocal hook and phenomenal, low-slung tom work, “Illegal” should hold a place high in your carts. The groove of this track is what really carries it, letting the slight swing do the work and making you want to move simultaneously. Top tip!
PETER PAHN – WTF [Reload Black Label]
If you looked up ‘Peak Time Techno’ in a dictionary, there’s a high chance there might just be a link to this track below it. Huge synth sounds, white noise washes, trance-y arpeggios, and a vocal hit before the drop, it’s all here.
Karim Alkhayat – My Vision [Airborne Black]
Karim’s newest effort on Airborne Black employs a tried and tested technique, using an empowering speech in the breakdown, getting the listener riled up for the upcoming drop. It can be a bit cliché at times but used in the right hands it always works. This could be a real party starter.
Push – Presents Retro Active Vectrex [AnalyticTrail]
Veering slightly from the style set out by the rest of the tracks on this list, Push’s “Presents Retro Active Vectrex” is a heads-down, darkroom affair. The gated, stab-y synths pulsate in and out of the relentless groove, making this one for the later hours of the night.
David Sellers – Equation [Zeca Records]
David Sellers comes with an ethereal and melodically competent effort for Zeca Records with his new track “Equation.” Pinned down by a huge kick, the ghostly pads are joined with lovely, sparkling synths and a washed-out lead. This is one for closing your eyes and drifting away.
Patrick Scuro, Philipp Lewinski – Without Darkness [Space Kraft Recordings]
Our final pick for this edition is Patrick Scuro and Philipp Lewinski’s “Without Darkness,” a dark and brooding slammer that will have listeners asking for an ID. The echoed vocal ‘darkness’ sets up the breakdown, which just builds and builds until a truly obsidian release. Great stuff. For more techno [peak time/driving] tracks you may have missed, check out our Beatport Link Playlist. Start your free trial of Beatport LINK.

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