Playlist of the Week: Alan Fitzpatrick

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Mar 24, 2021
Alan Fitzpatrick
UK techno kingpin and We Are The Brave founder Alan Fitzpatrick shares his “I Miss Raving” playlist, which is chock full of peak-time techno weapons.
Raving is such a key part of our lives, and the tracks I’ve selected are perfect for getting in the mood for a party. This chart is essentially a playlist of tracks guaranteed to get anyone and everyone excited for a massive, dark, sweaty, warehouse rave. Goosebumps, hairs on the back of your neck vibes! My listening habits varied a lot over the past year due to the Coronavirus restrictions and the absence of clubs. I enjoyed exploring different genres and immersing myself in downtempo and electronica as I felt this music reflected my mood at the time. However, earlier this month the British Prime Minister issued a ‘roadmap’ for the end of lockdown, giving everyone something to look forward to. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed raving until I heard the date for UK nightclubs reopening. Since then I’ve been hammering techno in my home studio, reminding myself of everything we missed in 2020. I’m sure we can all agree the first party back is going to be absolutely ridiculous.
Ben Klock – Subzero [Ostgut Ton]
It’s almost impossible to talk about raves and techno music and not give mention to this monster from Ben Klock. It takes me back to those Berghain parties and every time I play it, still feels like the first time I’ve heard it. It’s a classic. Ben continues to be innovative and delivers the highest quality productions, his Klockworks is hands down one of the best labels.
NANCY Live – Scapegoat [We Are The Brave]
This is a belter, really makes your hairs stand on end. Knowing she’s doing absolutely everything analogue makes it so much better too. NANCY is a huge talent, proud to have signed her to my label. Great to push genuine live acts in the techno too, she’s 100% one to watch in the future.
KUSP (UK) – Freedom Of Fear [Rekids]
The KUSP lads know how to produce a filthy techno banger. I’ve been an avid supporter of their music for a couple years. I even signed their tracks to my own label, so it’s great to watch them developing their sound. This track from their latest Rekids EP is insane, peak time perfection.
Alan Fitzpatrick – Everlasting [Rekids]
I couldn’t really do a techno chart and not include onE from myself. “Everlasting” is rave inspired techno heaven, a nod to my earlier works from 2010 – 2014. Had a lot of fun writing the tracks on this EP and I’m glad they caught Radio Slave’s attention, Rekids is a perfect fit. The only thing left to say is this EP deserves a club.
Daniel Rifaterra – Narni [We Are The Brave]
Daniel is another new signing for me, he’s a massive emerging talent and definitely one to keep eyes on. “Narni” is an incredible debut on my label. It’s deep, dark and emotive and reminded me of playing sets in Lehmann Club in Stuttgart.
3STRANGE – The Way You Hold Me [Apex Faction]
I’m excited to grow this new project as I really enjoy writing music under the 3STRANGE alias. It’s a no boundaries approach to studio time and sounds very different to my Alan Fitzpatrick productions. This track fits perfectly with the collective mood in the current climate but I think it also has its place post rave — think early morning sunrise vibes.
Overmono – Verbosa [XL Recordings]
A definite winner for me. I’m a big fan of the guys and I admire the arrangement here, it’s inspiring. I love music that’s unpredictable and makes your ears perk up. This is music you want to listen to.
ONYVAA – The Way It Is [KNTXT]
There’s been numerous tracks I’ve listened to over the last year and thought to myself, ’this needs a proper soundsystem’ and this track is one of them. Big big release from ONYVAA and I’d expect nothing less from Charlotte’s KNTXT label. Been playing it a lot in my sets, it’s high energy and packs a punch. Can’t wait to unleash it to the crowds.
Radio Slave – Variations V1 [Rekids]
Love this concept from Matt, some really inspirational live edits going on here. Everything released on Rekids is a winner for me at the moment. It’s one label that continually pumps out top tier music. All killers, no fillers and big ups for sticking with the release schedule even though clubs are closed!
Modeā – Silence [We Are The Brave]
Modeā is on fire right now and I’m sure 2021 will be even stronger for him. He’s another emerging talent that I’m proud to have signed to Brave, a really genuine and passionate lad with great ideas. I’ve mentored him over the years so it’s great to see his productions develop and gain support of headlining artists and label heads. “Silence” is a nod to the old trance days, it goes off every time.
Artist | Alan Fitzpatrick - Miss Raving
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