Wayward’s Top 10 Closing Tracks

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Sept 28, 2021
Celebrating the release of their new EP Sapphire Eyes, eclectic UK duo Wayward dig into their USB for 10 of their ultimate closing tracks.
The final tune is something we stew over a lot as DJs. There’s a lot to consider: teeing things up for the next DJ, ending on a high, and trying to play something that is going to create a moment that people will remember. We usually have a folder on our USB titled ‘Last Tune’ with various options dedicated to rounding off the journey you have gone on for the last couple of hours. Our sets are usually quite eclectic, so our final tune can land anywhere between house, techno, breaks, UK bass and drum and bass. Hope you like!
Wayward – Sapphire Eyes [White Label]
This track was written with the intention of being a closing track. When we sat down to write it we’d just received the news that we’d be doing a Mixmag Lab and wrote it half thinking that we’d like something to close out that set with. We built the track around a voice note sent to our friend from a very talented lyricist called Dan (a.k.a Imaginary Friend) and were driven to create an atmosphere with the instrumental that fit his words.
Scuba – NE1BUTU [Hotflush Recordings]
Early on we both bonded over a shared love for Scuba. So many of the tracks from Personality featured in some of our earliest sets and his output around this time helped transition our attention from post-dubstep sounds into house and techno. It always felt like this track could unite the chin-strokers and your more commercial crowds — it’s hard not to like it. One of the most euphoric tunes out there — it feels like a big release of tension and is attached to some memorable moments DJing for us.
Bartholemew Kind – SweetHeart [Breaks N’ Pieces]
Recently our sets have started around 130 BPM and moved up to 170-plus. This Bartholemew Kind release has been one of our favourites of the year because it kind of covers this whole spectrum. This track in particular hits you right in the gut when the vocal comes in and channels that hopeful, melancholy feeling, which always seems fitting for a closing track. The structure also really works as a closer because the second drop almost comes as a surprise. We ended our recent Rinse FM mix with this so go check it out if you have a spare two hours.
Eusebeia – Crystal Gaze [Diffuse Reality]
This track kinda paints the picture of a post-apocalyptic world in our heads. Distant yearning vocals and droney string plucks over clattering breaks, which, depending on the mood of the club, could be really effective as a final tune of the night. Eusebeia is a highly underrated producer and this track is one of his best.
Sherelle – 160 Down The A406 [SHERELLE]
We have been a big fan of Sherelle as a DJ for a while, and now also as a producer. Saw her close her set at We Out Here with this and it was really special. This one definitely has that end-of-the-night, last-set-of-the-festival feel; still feeling the energy, but bringing you safely back down to earth.
Alix Perez – Melanie (Shogun Audio)
One of our favourite D&B records, released around the same time we were going out to the Shogun Audio club nights at Cable in London Bridge. Had some of the most fun at those raves. The woozy, jazzy piano line is a beauty and a track you want to hear in the early hours, towards the end of the night.
Jasper Tygner – ME! [Silver Bear Recordings]
This is our favourite track on the most recent EP, released on Silver Bear Recordings, a label that we’re heavily involved with on the A&R side. We’d been following Jasper for a while, but it was the first demo we heard that confirmed how much we wanted to sign him to the label — irresistible melodic club music at its best. Go check out the whole Eyes Open EP.
Axel Boman – Eyes Of Mind [Studio Barnhus]
Released on a label that we’ve loved for the past decade and by a producer that is always so consistent. The soothing vocal has this kind of mesmerising feel and tone to it. It gives you a reassuring feeling whilst still providing enough energy to dance, giving it the perfect atmosphere for the last tune of the night or festival.
Jeigo – Tell Me How It Feels (Pets Recordings)
This one has been a regular feature on our USB folders over the past six months and also featured in our Mixmag Lab. Emotional club music, made so well, and it has these ravey, reverbed vocals that sound amazing. He’s part of the Valby Rotary crew alongside Louf and Tom VR. Check out all of their music, it’s very, very good.
Burial – Raver [Hyperdub]
We mention Burial’s name a lot and it has to be. Timeless music that will always be referenced and spoken about. We could probably pick a few tracks from Untrue to end our set with, but the driving drums underneath the wistful vocal and euphoric pads creates memorable moments on the dancefloor.

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