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Apr 1, 2021
Hannah Wants
Etiquette label founder Hannah Wants gears up for a big year with her “Lift Off” Playlist of the Week, featuring house heaters, new and old.
My Lift Off Beatport playlist features 20 tracks from a variety of house music sub-genres, both past and present, and one techno banger for good measure. You’ve got tracks in here for every occasion — simple listening pleasure, pre-party, 2 A.M. in the party or 8 A.M. at the afterparty — I’ve got it covered. Whenever I make a mix or a playlist (or play a set) I always love to delve into older music and back catalogues, so there are a couple of gems you may have forgotten about or that I may just be introducing you to for the first time. Either way, they’re resurfacing here because they’re heat. I hope you like the records I’ve chosen for my playlist and big love to Beatport for making it their Beatport Playlist of The Week. From my heart to yours, enjoy! And hopefully I’ll see you on a dance floor in real life real soon.
Hannah Wants – Lift Off [Ultra]
This is my latest release and a collaboration with the talented vocalist Nathan Nicholson. For me, “Lift Off” signifies a new chapter in terms of my productions. COVID and the madness that has ensued has been a bitch but one of the amazing things to come from my touring schedule coming to a halt has been the amount of time I’ve been able to spend focusing on new music, and “Lift Off” is the first of many forthcoming releases. My release schedule is full for the first time in over a decade and I absolutely cannot wait for you to start hearing all this new material!
HNQO – Pain N Love [Hot Creations]
Who doesn’t love Hot Creations? It’s one of my favourite labels and one I dream of releasing on in the future. I love digging for older bangers that people may have forgotten about and so going through back catalogues of record labels is a favourite thing of mine to do. “Pain N Love” is a deep house record from 2012 and 2010-2013 were the years for deep house, an era that can’t be touched in my opinion.
Eskuche – Believe [Etiquette]
Eskuche has been one of my favourite producers consistently for the past couple of years now; ever since I heard “Concentrate” on Hot Creations I’ve been a big fan. I’ve been fortunate enough to build up a great relationship with Eskuche, and we’ve released several of his records on my record label Etiquette, and “Believe” is the A-side from his latest EP with us. This EP actually begins a new chapter of Etiquette, with club world ground to a halt we took the opportunity to re-brand Etiquette and come with something bigger, better and stronger on all levels. Eskuche’s Believe EP was a great opener and has gained support from industry heavyweights including Michael Bibi.
Hannah Wants & Eskuche – The ISH [Etiquette]
Another great bonus from building a relationship with Eskuche over the past couple of years has been getting to make music with him. “The ISH” is the A-side to our 2020 collaboration EP and one of the many reasons I wish so bad clubs were open so this could have run its course on dance floors around the world. Expect another collab EP with Max and I later this year!
Mizbee & Daniel Orpi – Touch Me [Kaluki Musik]
This is a track I’m really loving at the minute. The promo dropped in my inbox and was definitely my favourite pick from that day’s tune hunt. It’s got such a great groove to it, the drums are dope and Mizbee’s vocal is such a great fit. After hearing “Touch Me” I reached out to Mizbee and asked her if she wanted to collaborate and within a week or so she’d written a perfect topline to an instrumental I’d been sitting on for a while… I really love the way music can come together in the most unexpected of ways!
Black Coffee – You Need Me [Ultra]
I’ve moved out to live in Ibiza temporarily and Black Coffee has been an artist I’ve been rinsing out here. I’ve always been a fan but without my usual hectic lifestyle in terms of travelling I’ve really had time to trawl his back catalogue and it’s inspired me ridiculous amounts. “You Need Me” is such a masterpiece just like many of his others, and Black Coffee as a whole is the epitome of house music for the soul. I’ve made a few tracks out here inspired by him and it’s a mission of mine to get his stamp of approval on them.
Luuk Van Dijk – FM Prezzie [Kaluki Musik]
Luuk Van Dijk… another one of my favourite producers by far. Basslines for days and a really unique sound. Both tracks on this Kaluki EP are fiya but I think FM Prezzie just tops it for me. One I wish I was banging in sweaty clubs and warehouses for sure.
D.Zeledon – Weak [Unnamed & Unknown]
I’ve been exploring those deep and minimal tech vibes much more whilst I’ve been out here in Ibiza and “Weak” was a heater I found on a big tune hunting session one evening. I’m yet to go and explore the rest of D. Zeledon’s releases but it’s on my to do list, I’m sure they’ll be some more goodies in there!
Luca M & Just2 – Sweet Love [Stereo Productions]
A 2013 oldie but a goldie… I chose this for my playlist because it’s got Ibiza written all over it. Close your eyes and think sunshine, boat party, smiles and vibes. Cute and clever vocal sample and grooves for days.
Artist | Hannah Wants - LIFT OFF
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