Playlist of the Week: Raxon

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Jun 30, 2021
Raxon takes charge of Beatport’s Playlist of the Week to celebrate the release of his latest album, Sound Of Mind — out now via Kompakt.

It’s album time, and I’m happy to share with you a bunch of tracks (from the electronic side) that affected the way I listen and make music, along with a few tracks from the album for your enjoyment.

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Raxon – Majestic [Kompakt]
Let’s kick off with the first track on the album. This was actually one of the very first tracks I did when the full lockdown kicked in, and as soon as the album started to take shape it was calling to be the intro track. I’m happy with how it turned out as it sets the mood of the album.
Z-Plane – Arc Of A Diver [Elekrolux]
Take a 16 minute deep trip with this great vibe-setting track, pure quality.
Raxon – Almost Human [Kompakt]
I really love the mystery element in music. Mix that with robots and aliens and it becomes “Almost Human.”
Raxon – El Multiverse [Kompakt]
Space, time, lost dimensions, wormholes…
Kraftwerk – Numbers [Parlophone]
Way ahead of their time, Kraftwerk are one of the main cornerstones of electronic music and this 40-year-old track still resonates with me till today.
Raxon – Vice [Kompakt]
“Vice” is the 2021 version of the inner late ‘90s breaks child in me.
Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid [International DeeJay Gigolo]
Acid galactic hypnosis that will send you through a wormhole and back.
Raxon – Droid Solo [Kompakt]
Like many people around the world, I’m really into sci-fi movies, and it’s a big dream of mine to someday score a sci-fi movie/series. This track represents this dream.
Daft Punk – Veridis Quo [Parlophone (France)]
So many memories and mixed emotions on these tracks: love, sadness, happiness, farewells… To me it’s one of the most underrated Daft Punk tracks, but it’s still a beautiful piece of music 20 years later. Raxon’s Sound Of Mind LP is out now via Kompakt. Check it out on Beatport.
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