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Jul 7, 2021
Spanish techno star Regal takes over Beatport’s Playlist of the Week to show us the tracks that helped shape his career and sound following the release of his debut album, Remember Why You Started.

The tracks I chose for this chart are tracks that really made the difference in the techno universe in my opinion, or at least for me. These are music pieces that completely changed the way I see techno and electronic music as a whole, masterpieces that stand out every time I happen to hear them played by somebody else and that are definitely in the top 50 of my most played tracks.

These are not only great tracks to listen or dance to, but they really trigger something in me and make me recall past memories, taking me back to better times. They are good for dancing, but also for thinking about life in general, changing the mindset, and taking an introspective journey ride. I didn’t only grow as an artist by listening to this music, but on a higher level, they had such a big influence on me that they shaped me as a person, too.

And if it wasn’t for these tracks, I wouldn’t have been able to produce my first album Remember Why You Started. I’m sure you can hear the influence of these tracks on every track of the album, or at least I hope I could give something back to the scene that I love so much. Rave on!

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Vitalic – La Rock 01 [Different]
This track takes me back 15 years to young 16-year-old Regal. I discovered this album because my family gave it as a present to my cousin on his birthday, and when he played it on his stereo I was totally shocked. It just blew me away and became a super important track for me that I still love.
DJ HMC – Marauder [Reflector]
With this track, I can travel back to when I was living in Berlin some years ago. Marcel Dettmann used to play it quite often in his sets and it was a total hit. I remember playing it in one of my firsts gigs in France and the crowd just went crazy.
BK – Revolution [Nukleuz]
I can’t say that much about this track, it’s one of those that I would like to have produced myself. It’s a total banger, a secret weapon that works in every set. No matter when or where I listen to it, in a club or in my headphones, at home, or when I’m on the run — it still gives me goosebumps.
CJ Bolland – Camargue [React]
This total classic is another track that makes me travel back in time and recalls some good memories. I think this track will stay one of my absolute favorites forever. It takes me back again to Berlin when Marcel Dettman played this while closing Berghain on a Monday morning. This was his last track. Pure happiness. Some days later a good friend of mine gave me the vinyl as a present because this memory is one of those that strengthened our friendship.
Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase [La Musique Fait La Force]
This track is the reason I’m here doing what I’m doing. It was the first acid rave track I heard when techno was starting to become such an important thing in my life and the one that made me fall in love with this genre.
Thomas P. Heckmann – Dunkel [Wavescape]
As 99% of Heckmann’s stuff, this track is pure groove, energy and good vibes. I think that this is one of those 360º tracks that no matter what time or place or moment in your set you play it, it always works. Such an outstanding production.
Raffaele Attanasio – Gundam [Monnom Black]
Probably my favorite track from Raffaele. I’m a big fan of synth melodies and heavy drums, and this track is the perfect combination of both elements. A dancefloor killer for sure, for the more peak time moments in the set.
Geerson – Keep Inside [Ismus]
I remember the first time I heard this track. I was listening to it in loop for two weeks, starting at breakfast and playing it the last time before turning off the light in bed. That melody really makes me fly and forget about all bad things. It’s like a cure for me.
Dustin Zahn – Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Podium Mix) [Rekids]
Another timeless piece of art that has been my favorite track for many many years. I remember when I played it in my first gigs over ten years ago and I still happen to play it nowadays. That synth melody sticks in your head and the powerful kick makes your body move unconsciously. Regal’s Remember Why You Started LP is out now via Invole. Check it out on Beatport.
Remember Why You Started

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