Playlist of the Week: Sara Landry

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Jul 14, 2021
Sara Landry
Texas-based techno producer Sara Landry shows off some of her favorite bone-rattling tracks with Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Did COVID suck for DJs? Absolutely, yes. Did many of us make some of the best music of our careers while we were stuck at home? Also, yes (definitely the case for me). So much incredible music has been released over the last 18 months, and now that things are slowly opening back up around the world, I’m finally able to hear some of my favorite tracks that I discovered during quarantine the way they were meant to be heard — on well-tuned club and festival speakers. Though it was incredibly hard to choose, here’s a small selection of recent releases that I’m really excited to hear on a proper, bone-rattling sound system. Get ready to feel these kicks in your chest!

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Sara Landry – Rebirth [Techno Germany Records]
It’s very rare for me to enjoy my own music by the time it’s released, but “Rebirth” is one of my favorite tracks I’ve written. This track is full of surprises, and, as always, I’ve included some esoteric wisdom to really take it over the top. I’ll be playing this one for a long time.
999999999 – Power To The Raver [Reckless]
One of the tracks off of the first release on DYEN’s label Reckless, 999999999’s “Power to the Raver” is an absolute weapon of a track that always hits just right and sends the crowd into a frenzy.
Vendex – Holy Crucifixion (DICA Remix) [Fluctuat Records]
Heavy, hypnotic acid techno. Need I say more? This DICA remix is the perfect blend of hammer and hypnotic, which is the exact vibe I’m always shooting for.
Absntmnded – Dedication [Flesh and Hammers]
This one is a weapon of mine from fellow American producer Absntmnded. I love this track, and I can’t get enough of it. The kick always hits right where it needs to, the sample is on point, and you’ll DEFINITELY feel this track in your sternum.
Midnight Vices – Born Invader [Courtoisy Records]
I love this track as it captures the Parisian rave sound very well. Impeccable production, bouncy melody, and a psytrance-esque bassline? Yes please.
Rebekah – Darkness My Old Friend (Alt8 Remix) [Elements Records]
I’ve had this track for a while, and I love it! Alt8’s interpretation of Rebekah’s original weapon adds an incredible atmosphere that provides a brief reprieve from the standard pounding without any loss of energy. It is a truly excellent remix that demonstrates how important it is for a producer to include their own flavor in a remix. Well done, Alt8!
Chlär – Crying for Identity [Moments In Time]
Another absolute weapon, this time from Chlär, whose productions always feature a variety of interesting elements paired with clean mixdowns. I’m a big fan of what Rudosa has been cultivating on Moments In Time, and this release is no exception.
Jastice – Hey You [Exhale]
I love the groove on this track. Jastice creates an incredible atmosphere and pairs it with punishing drums, resulting in a track that can be played at any point of my sets, much to the audience’s delight.
Xiorro – Hearing Colors (feat. Adrestia) [Exhale]
I really enjoy this track from fellow US-based artist Xiorro (and Adrestia) as it features clean, driving drums and unique, evolving sound design that, together, create one hell of a hypnotic journey from start to finish.
Lucinee – We Trip and Roll (Wallis Remix) [voxnox Records]
The ever-mighty Wallis delivers a brutal industrial remix for Lucinee, complete with rich textures, compelling sound design, and a lot of grit. Every time I hear Wallis tracks, it takes all of my self-control not to start building a eurorack (so far, I’ve resisted, mainly because I’m out of desk space).
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