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Jul 21, 2021
Eats Everything
Bristolian dance music star Eats Everything shows off his versatile taste with Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

My DJ/producer name is Eats Everything (ridiculous!), I chose it for a joke and it stuck. The reason I chose it is because I eat a lot, and play and make everything, musically. If you look through my Beatport release history, there is everything from breaks to proper deep house to full-bore techno and everything in between, because I don’t like to just make or play one thing. I believe a DJ should be able to play a wealth of styles and I’ve always tried to do that.

With this playlist, I’ve decided to go for a breadth of styles to show what I’m into across the board instead of giving you 15 tracks all in the same style because that’s not my style!

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Catz N Dogz – First Night Out [Edible Records]
This is the first single on my label Edible for around 18 months and it’s coming from the people who gave me my first real leg up into the dance music stratosphere in 2011. They are masters of what they do and it’s an honour for me to have them own my label
Eats Everything – Think About The Revolution [Uncage]
This record is about as typically me as you can possibly get. Todd Terry-style drums, big bass line and bigger kick. Will absolutely kill a dance floor (hopefully!) when we are allowed back on them.
Hertz Collision – Jvlia (Truncate Remix] [Truncate]
“Uncle Dave” Truncate is the best techno producer on the planet. He also happens to be one of the best people you could meet and a fucking amazing DJ! I’m extremely lucky to call him my mate (and Uncle).
DJ Ham – Most Uplifting (Fresh Slices Remix) [Kniteforce Records]
My first foray into dance music was when I was around 11 years old and UK hardcore and jungle were my first real loves. This track encapsulates everything that’s good for me about old-skool breakbeat/hardcore. Beautiful piano riff, combined with an amen break and a massive sub. Perfection.
The Sharp Boys – Relentless [Sharp Digital Recordings]
The Sharp Boys were one of the first house acts that I fell in love with in my early teens when the hardcore started getting too cheesy for me. They are the perfect mix of tough, party and groove, and all the Sharp Tools EPs have been remastered and released digitally for the first time. Could’ve chosen any number of the tracks. They all still tear up a dance floor to this day!
Madvilla – So Bad [Fuse London]
Wicked record. Loopy, cool as fuck (in my opinion!), groovy house music. Really reminds me of Ibiza 1999 but with a modern twist.
Demuir & Andre Salmon – Women Were Born To Luv (Carlo Lio & Valentino Remix) [ Purveyor Underground]
Carlo Lio is one of the best in the business at making a relentless groove totally infectious and not get boring. It’s a REALLY hard thing to get right. Carlo does it every single time.
Piem – Ultimate Funk (feat. Sara de Araujo) [Otherwise Records]
Tech house has become such a dirty word in the last few years due to its popularity and widespread global takeover. I don’t even really know what tech house is anymore. This is labeled as tech house and I think it’s mint. Proper little groove. Good music is good music.
Chicks Luv Us – Dimension (Detlef Remix) [Issues]
Detlef is a master of his craft. This is a beauty. Can’t wait to play it.
Hertz Collision – Rescue Me [Truncate]
This is proper techno in the hardgroove style to me. Perfectly executed with a killer Sunkids sample in this here. Pure belter.
Black Girl/White Girl – Microdotz [EI8HT]
These two extremely talented ladies can do no wrong in my book. This is a track from their second EP on my techno label EI8HT and the whole EP is pure fire. This one just edges it for me. Massive.
The Southern – Raw Organ [EI8HT]
Another from my label EI8HT from the super talented and unique The Southern. This fucker knows his way around a groove better than most. Slammer after slammer. Can’t wait to play these!!!
Mozey – Knock Ya Block Off [Mozey]
Absolute killer, minimal drum & bass. Love this shit. Defo gonna play a few sets of this shit once clubs are open.
Particle & Klinical – Cult Process [Critical Music]
This is absolutely having it. SOOO into drum & bass now. These minimal kicks & snares/claps with the crazy sound design blows my mind. All the best parts of jungle with a modern twist that takes it to the next level.
Kim English – Learn 2 Luv (John Ciafone Remix) [Nervous Records]
Kim English has such a beautiful voice, probably my favourite voice in house music. This track is a masterpiece. One of my faves ever. Mood II Swing’s John Ciafone at the controls, creating something beautiful.
Dark Sky – Voyages (Francis Inferno Orchestra Tamburo Mixx) [Monkeytown Records]
Wicked track from 2016. Disco meets electro meets banger = wallop.
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