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Jul 28, 2021
Harry Romero
New York house staple and Bambossa co-founder Harry Romero heads up Beatport’s Playlist of the Week with some choice dance floor selections.

Here’s a collection of music that has been really good to me over the years. Some are old and some new. To me, good music does not expire, and it should not. So please have a listen, and hopefully, these tracks will touch you as they have touched me.

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Funky Junction – The Sample (Let’s Get Jazzy) feat. KC Flight [Sheeva Records]
KC Flight is an artist that really pushed the envelope of sound in his day. “Let’s Get Jazzy” is perfection and still rocks today’s dance floors. When those bells kick in, it’s a wrap. Proper house music.
Ruff Drivers – Dreaming (Knee Deep Paradise Mix) [Altra Moda]
This will always remind me of a very special club in NYC where we played on Thursday nights called Centrofly. This track embodies the vibe of that place. It could be the dead of winter, but it was an instant transport to sunshine and great vibes when this was dropped. Knee Deep were having a moment around this time (Pasilda), and it was interesting to see Germans really embracing those Latin house vibes.
Shinedoe – Feelings [RSPX]
Shinedoe is a name I always put in my search queries when music shopping. Her music always has the perfect balance of techno and house. This track is no exception. It’s dark, driving, and has that funk that I wish all techno had.
Gary Beck – Before the Crash [Soma Records]
This has worked as a perfect transition track in my sets. Whether I’m heading into tougher sounds or leaving them, this is one of the tracks I use for those situations. When I mix this in and bring in the bass, you feel the room elevate, and I always get a good reaction. I love how raw it sounds.
Inaya Day – Feelin’ Feelin’ [Distrokid]
She is singer’s singer. Having had the pleasure to have worked with her, I feel a bit spoiled. The way she finds the pocket and modulates her voice with so much soul and feeling is astounding and many singers can pull this off. Tracks like this are needed in our scene. It’s the basis of house music, and I really do miss it.
Harry Romero – The City [Nu Groove]
Nu Groove is a record label that any house head will hold in high regard. So when asked to submit demos to the imprint, I went straight to work. I had a basic drum beat and bassline going when I got the idea to add some live keyboard parts. So I reached to my friend Guti who just so happens to be a fantastic keyboard player. I sent him the skeleton track, and a couple of days later, he sent back some really dope parts. This is a track I’ve wanted to make for quite some time, and I am glad it’s coming out on Nu Groove.
Nightmares on Wax – A Case of Funk (Loco Dice Remix) [Warp Records]
Dice smashed this. That’s the only way I can describe this. There are no big, dramatic breakdowns here. It’s all about the groove and mood he sets with this remix. This track levels off the room and gives the people a bit of a breather while keeping the room’s energy high and not losing their attention. It’s a weapon for sure. Great job, Dice.
Joeski – One People [Maya Records]
Hardworking and consistent are the best ways to describe Joeski. Three decades in, and he still manages to stay relevant. It’s because of tracks like this that we still speak his name. It’s tough yet soulful. As with all his other music, his attention to detail is on every corner of this track, and the proof is when you play it.
Vega & Romero – El Ritmo [Bambossa Records]
Louie Vega is a person that I hold in very high regard. He is one of the main reasons I got into house music. So, to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him and to release our work on my label Bambossa is truly a dream come true.
Leon & Waveshape – Isaia [D-Floor Music]
I think I have been playing this for the last five years or so. Good music does not expire. It’s trippy, jazzy, and sonically sounds amazing. I remember playing this at BPM festival in Mexico for the first time, and the reaction was really insane. Keep them coming, Leon.
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