Playlist of the Week: Sherelle

Sherelle Playlist of the Week Beatport 1536x715
Aug 5, 2021
One of the hottest UK acts in drum & bass, jungle and footwork, the highly esteemed Sherelle charts a wicked course through the genres she loves in her Playlist of the Week.

In celebration of my debut release, 160 DOWN THE A406, Beatportal has asked me to round some tracks together that I love. Joining the worlds of footwork, jungle, and hybrids of 160, I will talk you through some of my fave tracks ever and why I love them and the artists involved!

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Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) [Moving Shadow]
I heard this one today on the Mary Anne Hobbs show. She shouted out the fact that when I first met her I told her the story of why I love this tune so much: a car journey with my family with pirate radio in the background. Only years later thanks to GTA III to find the song via one of its radio stations on their MSX98 (referring to the actual old Moving Shadow mixes). Hands down the best jungle/drum & bass tunes of all time. But anything involving Omni Trio or Foul Play usually is.
RP Boo – Haters Increase The Heat! [Planet Mu]
RP Boo is back and better than ever. His new album via Planet Mu is an absolute treat and it was a pleasure talking to Boo for my Radio 1 show. He has such a beautiful aura and is an amazing storyteller. With years of experience, the DJ/producer is a pioneer of Footwork and is credited (though not often enough) for making the first-ever footwork tracks known. His new album is a lasting testament to all the different sounds that make RP BOO.
DJ Phil – Break4Luv (feat. Manny) [Night Slugs]
DJ Phil and DJ Manny are some of the most prolific producers. Both with an amazing ear for samples and the ability to create some of the most energetic tracks known to footwork… “Break4Luv,” out via one of my favourite labels, Night Slugs, is no exception.
Special Request – Pull Up (Tim Reaper Remix) [Hooversound Recordings]
Well, well, well… One of the greatest Hooversound Releases of all time by none other than Tim & Special. This EP came about thanks to Paul via Instagram. Myself and Naina were so happy to release this as we have been fans of both Ed and Paul for a very long time. Both have been creating some of the most outrageous jungle to date, and both are so technically gifted. The beautiful thing about this EP is that it’s the old and new skool coming together to create something truly futuristic.
Fiesta Soundsystem – How’s That? [Scuffed Recordings]
Another BANGER from Scuffed Recordings, as per usual. Fiesta Soundsystem is a new artist that has been creating such interesting takes on breaks- and jungle-infused sounding things. Their EP for Scuffed is no exception. It’s super fun and rocketing, and if you ever catch me playing below 160 BPM, this is something I would be dropping.
DJ Rashad – Fly Spray [Lit City Trax]
One of the best DJ Rashad songs ever! The intro alone allows you to know that some shit is about to go down. This is such a great track… I can hear so many musical influences in this one track. It evokes feelings of hearing grime for the first time in 2004 (showing my age) I never understood why maybe because the first time I heard this song was via Rashad’s stream for TIM & BARRY. I would recommend the footwork documentary they did featuring Spinn, Rashad, Earl, et al… It’s so interesting and inspiring to see. It’s an extremely rare insight into a much-loved scene.
Traxman – Let There Be Rockkkkk [Planet Mu]
Bare energy from the man they call Traxman. Another amazing and legendary Footwork Pioneer who has paved the way for others. His tunes are just some of the craziest out there and this one is definitely one of them.
Thugwidow – Invisible Shell of Energy [Sneaker Social Club]
Thugwidow is one of the most talented producers I have come across in the last three years or so. They are the future I believe for the sound of jungle and breaks. Their productions are very exciting. And it’s super nice to be able to mix their tracks into a mix. It often requires a lot of planning for me and I like that. Big beats from Thug and “I love Invisible Shell of Energy.”
Pessimist – Ridge Racer Revolution [Ilian Tape]
Illan Tape is a bloody good label isn’t it. Zenker Bros coming thru with the bangers and the interesting shit for all of our sets and listening pleasures. One of my fave releases from their label is by the artist Pessimist. Very good release. Another artist that has to make me work for a mix… Their tracks carry so much presence and “Ridge Race Revolution” is just a fucking ride.
And breathe… The final one is a favourite of mine mainly because as soon as I finished this I knew this was going to be one of the first tunes I would release to the world. Feels like coming out all over again.