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Apr 15, 2021
Martin Ikin
Beatport chart topper Martin Ikin shares some of the tracks he can’t wait to play once clubs reopen.

The past year has been a strange one, we all know that, and for all of us music lovers, the absence of any nightlife has been especially tough. But now we have light at the end of the tunnel, and we can start to think about dusting off our raving outfits ready for the clubs to re-open. So my top 10 selection is aimed at reflecting that excitement and readiness to get back in those clubs and festivals, get back to what we love the most.

There are no gimmicks here, no fillers, no “too cool for school” stuff. Just straight up club bangers for you to get your teeth into and get hyped for when it all kicks off again.

I hope you have as much fun mixing these into your set as I have. Get Ready 2 Dance!

Martin Ikin, Biscits – Ready 2 Dance [Ultra Music]
Biscits and I have been talking about a collaboration for a while now. These ones are not just a mix of our styles but also a mix of the ‘90s and now. When we got the rave vibe in the breakdown going we knew it was a perfect bed for Anelisa to drop her amazing voice on. And with the lyric “Ready 2 Dance” it couldn’t be more apt for how we are all feeling as we wait for the raves and parties to come back. Who’s ready?
Fourword – SnakeCharmer [Black Book]
This one is just pure energy. Every part of this record is bang on… From the tight beats to the energetic bass to the beautiful vocal over those lovely synth chords in the breakdown. And when it kicks back in, that haunting vocal sample really works. Proper tune this!
Oliver Heldens – Set Me Free Mi Remix [OH2 Records]
When Oliver asked me to remix this, I had a listen to the original and as soon as I heard that vocal and that dope super-saw synth I knew I could turn this into a bad boy club dub. I wanted to use the same kind of super-saw for the “big synth stab” but also wanted to play a slightly different part with it. So I recreated the saw lead and then made a fat analogue bass sound to complement it. Once I had those elements in place all I had to do was loop up part of the vocal hook to create some energy in the break and we were off. Super happy with how this turned out.
DJ Fronter – Tic Tac [Hot Trax]
More “speed up-slow down” lopping, but I just love it. It’s a simple trick that’s been used a lot over the past few years including by me, but it just works every time. Add that to a rolling bassline and what’s not to like. Get this one on when the lights are dark. Heavy!
Martin Ikin, Chenai – You [Toolroom]
This one was written by myself, Chenai and the legend that is Duane Harden at a session in my studio just before the first lockdown happened. With everything that was going on after that it was a while before I could work on it again. Then we had to wait until lockdown one was over so Chenai could come and record the final vocal. But it was all worth the wait. I’m so happy with the vibe we created on this record and can’t wait to play it out all this summer.
Bingewatch – Jack Em [Hood Politics]
You know when a record is just good fun, well this is one of those, and there aren’t enough records like this around anymore. Can’t wait to play this at a beach party somewhere. More ‘90s rave vibes, not too complicated, just bubbling good vibes from start to finish.
Martin Ikin – Back In Time [Ultra Music]
There’s quite a long story behind this record. Most people automatically assume I sampled the classic Orbital track “Chime,” but actually I didn’t. Amazingly, and after nearly 30 years of searching, I found the original source that Orbital used. And naturally I wanted to make something with that source that paid its respects to the classic but also that would fit into my sets now and sounded current. I had a lot of fun making this, mainly because I forced myself to use the same techniques and hardware that would have been used back in 1990. So hopefully it’s a respectful nod to the ‘90s classic and the whole ‘90s era. And that’s why it’s called “Back In Time.”
Cinthie – Just Us [AUS Music]
How good is this record!? More ‘90s vibes, you can see the theme of this chart, right? Totally unintentional though. Classic DX bass playing a simple but super cool pattern, skippy ‘90s feel beats to keep the energy up and a really catchy cool sounding vocal. Not forgetting the cheeky organ stab. Love this track. Wish there were more like this.
MASC – Rise Up [Food Music]
MASC aka Mark Archer and Shadow Child team up with the legend [and I can now say my homie] Fast Eddie. You know what’s coming right…? Yep you guessed it, more errrrrm ‘90s. Honestly I swear this wasn’t intentional. Anyway the boys have got the king of hip-house chatting over the top of a really driving and well made groove. A classic, detuned-saw bass [Cybersonik anyone?] rolling over a breakbeat/909 drum groove. Classic ingredients and they used them to great effect. Energetic and hypnotic. Bang!
Mendo & Marco Lys – This One [Circus]
I know it’s more than 10 but I just had to add “This One” (pardon the pun). Love the modulated synth line in the breakdowns. And the way they build it up by changing the speed and pitch of the synth, super effective, creating loads of hype and anticipation for when that rolling groove drops back in. Heavy track lads love it.
Martin Ikin, Noizu, Fast Eddie – Hands Up [Black Book]
Ok last one, it’s another one from me but I just had to include it. Myself and LA homie Noizu got together on this one last summer and had the absolute honour and pleasure of bringing in none other than the original hip-house OG himself, Fast Eddie. We never got to play this one in a club as it’s been locked down ever since, so it’s still gonna be fresh when it all opens up again and I can’t wait to drop it. Analogue bass and Fast Eddie’s most iconic line looped up. Get ready to throw those hands up.
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