The 7 Best Organic House / Downtempo Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Oct 8, 2021
Tom Peters
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Dios S, Geplantes Nichtstun, Edu Schwarz, Fluida, and more.
Kris Berle, Sarrelangue – Hexapus [Amselcom]
Moving slowly underwater by night, the solitary Hexapus dreams of a conversation, a feeling of safety amongst like-minded beings. There are dangerous traps out there, but Hexapus camouflages its tentacles under a coral to seek shelter. Rising from below at dawn, stranger than fiction, this sea animal has nine brains and three hearts. Gray, brown, pink, blue, or green, the six-limbed mollusk blends in these colours with its surroundings to remain unseen. Maybe that is also a reason for its loneliness?
Ranta – Vilya (Jhonatan Ghersi Remix) [Journey Of The Soul]
Let’s go deep into the desert with Jhonatan Ghersi’s remix of Vilaya. The Journey of the Soul imprint specializes in deep, melodic, and organic music, incorporating folkloric sounds and ancient rhythms into a future electronic realm of house, chill out, and techno. Dreamy landscapes and lyrical waves create the sounds of the soul.
UNDERHER – Loner (Fluida Remix) [IMAHER]
UNDERHER always brings a mixture of sensuality, melancholia and sorrow to their music. This time around, the duo has been remixed by Fluida, who manages to create both a club-friendly and intimate feel to their track “Loner.” The result is a breadth of sound that connects deeply with people both in the early evening and at those special moments in the early hours of the morning.
Dios S – Ballanda [Wired]
Beautiful early morning sunrise tune, where all the people are smiling and melting away.
Geplantes Nichtstun – Kapsel [Amelcom]
Amselcom has forever been near the forefront of change, exposing new ideas and giving insight through music and creativity. Their goal is always to bring the world closer by removing barriers and letting sound and rhythm demonstrate humanity’s true, loving nature.
Coss, KYONGPAUL, GFDF – Tamu [Kiosk ID]
When the summer stretches its feelers into the remotest corners of the night, it’s time for lots of sticky ice cream, a breezy jersey, and some light-footed grooves. The Tamu EP from Coss & Kyongpaul, who created the project GFDF specifically to merge technoid sounds and gqom aesthetic together, offers exactly that blend in five variations. Coss & Kyongpaul use their five tracks on Kiosk-ID to paint with the full breadth of the spectrum: multi-colored and in all available shades, and always with a warm brushstroke.
Edu Schwarz – Turning And Flowering [Warung Records]
With undisputed skill and consistency in performances, Edu earned great recognition in the Brazilian electronic music scene, ensuring his presence at considerable events and festivals, as well as a desired residency at Warung Beach Club.

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