The 7 Best Melodic House & Techno Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Jun 4, 2021
Tom Peters
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Onur Ozman, Rob Hes, Modern Modern Life, Meerkats, and more.
Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin – Quadrennium (Fake Mood Remix) [RADI MIRA I LUBVI]
This is a fire remix from Fake Mood, so ready to be played LOUD this summer. Through Rhythmic, acoustic percussions, the energetic arpeggiator, and synth work, the remix won’t let you sit at the Bar and will draw you on the dancefloor. The Russian label RADI MIRA I LUBVI s a social and cultural project, an international association of artists, musicians, trendsetters, and people whose life principles are united by the slogan RADI MIRA I LUBVI, which means FOR PEACE AND LOVE. That’s what the world needs right now more than ever.
Onur Ozman – Burden In Jamestown [ISOLATE]
Zurich-based Onur Ozman makes his label debut on Isolate, fixes our focus on an element or feeling, and turns it inside out throughout each track. Elsewhere “Burden In Jamestown” takes us to a solemn, poignant place, tapping into a sadness with moving strings and haunted human textures. The loosely played percussion gives the track a more human element combined with its melancholic mood that keeps the tension which I absolutely love. I am delighted to see the output from Istanbul’s ISOLATE has been steady throughout all releases. To isolate is to identify something you love, something that fires you up deep from within, something that gives you pleasure and purpose beyond measure and keep it safe. Untainted. Undiluted.
Rob Hes – Brave New World [Pursuit]
Rob Hes is back with “Brave New World” on Pursuit that gives us hope during the pandemic. To be in the moment and forget the daily struggles to trust in the process and forget the world around you for 6:04 minutes with this melodic journey that will guide you along with tribal drums and a grooving wall of sound.
Modern Modern Life – How Ya Been? [Different]
This is not your typical melodic tune; it crosses over to organic, deep house. Listening to it feels like longing for a vacation to unwind or to connect, and I am here for it, making it one of my tunes of the summer. Modern Modern Life shares his latest single, “How Ya Been?” The track is off the London artist/producer’s forthcoming EP The Hard Copy, out June 3rd via Different Recordings. “For me it encapsulates the feeling of missing someone you care deeply for and not being able to see them, set against the craziness of the world at the time,” states the artist about his most recent release. Written during the first lockdown in 2020, the six-track EP is brimming with nods to Maribou State, Caribou, and Bonobo, and the music feels on that level.
Meerkats – Black Widow [3000 Grad Records]
Meerkats, also well-known as one of Peng Peng who played at Fusion Festival, draws a series of wide, sweeping ribbons of sound. Using this rhythmic basis to unfold a variety of melodic layers, he creates a powerful hybrid EP that gets both body and mind going. “Black Widow” is an intoxicating piece of groove-focussed yet hypnotic, melodic elements and rolling rhythms for the trippy twilight hours.
Senses Of Mind – Nemesis [Steyoyoke]
Senses Of Mind was created after 12 years of being active in Belgium’s nightlife and music industry. They have their own label, Untold Stories. Their track “Nemesis is packed with sophisticated sound design with mysterious atmospheres and pads that keep the track tense. This is the kind of melodic sound that the scene has been missing between all these big vocal tracks at the moment. It’s good to go back to the roots that Tale Of Us planted for the scene many years ago.
Cora – The Age Of Rebirth [Black Rose Recordings]
Emerging Italian talent Cora just released on Erly Tepshi’s well-curated label. The artist’s latest release is a truly amazing work that ranges from the darker side of the techno production to the most sentimental and melancholy nuance. The first track is “The Age Of Rebirth,” an absolute gem that combines a warm and deep kick with a persistent arpeggio that continues to evolve throughout the composition. With its higher notes, it gives a little more life to the track without getting too dark.