The 7 Best Melodic House & Techno Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Apr 2, 2021
Tom Peters
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Rafael da Cruz, Komenda, Nicky Elisabeth, Rancido, and more.
Rafael da Cruz – Bes [DUAT FOLKLORE]
The label DUAT FOLKORE is all about Egyptian mythology. Bes was a powerful God in the Dynasty XII of ancient Egypt, who became a defender of everything good and the enemy of all bad. The God of dance, music, sexuality, fun, and also humor. Even the name of the balearic island Ibiza means “Island of Bes.” Rafael builds and keeps the tension throughout the whole track and is definitely one to watch out for. “Bes” is timeless, emotional, and hypnotizing. I can imagine it being played by Dixon & Âme for the next Lost In The Moment after the pandemic is over.
Komenda – Tunno [Applied Magic]
The fourth release on Aera’s new label Applied Magic, which he launched in 2020, is from the North German duo Komenda. This EP is the whole package, including an incredible remix by INVÖKER (FR). All tracks are unique in their own little way. “Tunno” could be best described as the sound of a dying dial-up modem, sending stuttering morse code to the depths of interplanetary space. Reminiscent of ’90s bleep sound, warped and filtered through a prism of contemporary. This is cutting-edge dance music and guaranteed goosebump material.
Nicky Elisabeth – Cleste [Kompakt]
Amsterdam-based talent Nicky Elisabeth is a resident DJ at De Marktkantine, one of the most established clubs in the Dutch capital, and it has been the long-time host of numerous KOMPAKT parties. Anyone who has experienced one of these parties will find much of the special atmosphere and punchy sound of those nights in Nicky’s KOMPAKT debut 12inch “Celeste.” Nicky catches the Kompakt Sound and keeps the tension and dreamy mood throughout her EP. The two remixes of the title track “Celeste” from the hands of the grandmasters Robag Wruhme and Roman Flügel are no less “celestial” than the original.
Rancido – Clocks [OMENI]
Dutch artist Rancido has the perfect blend of genres such as afro beats, soulful, deep, and melodic house & techno. With releases on OMENI, Innervisions, Stil Vor Talent, Mo Black Records, this is a certified artist that needs no introduction. The Clocks are ticking, and it’s time to take a deep breath and let Rancido guide us with his beautiful and sensual music.
Mila Journee – Affection [HIATO Music]
Brazilian act Mila Journée’s new release is her third outing on Hiato Music. With recent releases on Ritter Butzke Records, Us & Them Records, and 3000 Grad Records, her most recent Disturbance EP contains two songs that perfectly represent her sound. “Affection” is pure energy. With a progressive kick and rolling bass, an obscure pad gives the track all the dark aspects necessary for melodic progression, along with a touch of melancholy that holds the listeners’ attention. From clubs to festivals, this one will keep the crowd going.
PALMFooD – Elahara [A Tribe Called Kotori]
The Hungarian PALMFooD released “Elahara” — a slow but steady percussive and emotive grower for a perfect sunset or sunrise set — on the tribal and hallucinogenic label A Tribe Called Kotori. The track and the imprint both embody the journey to a place of spirituality where music connects.
Felyx – Beauty In A Stranger’s Eyes [Glory Hill Studio]
The Greek Artist Felyx releases another mysterious melodic track on Glory Hill Studio — a music production studio and independent record label based in Athens, Greece. The artist’s roguish b-side of the record, “Beauty In A Stranger’s Eyes,” features stretching synth melodies, warm soundscapes, and warbling strings that are sure to catch the attention of any stranger passing by a dance floor.

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