The 7 Best Nu Disco / Disco Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Apr 23, 2021
Steve Mill
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring KS French, HP, Vince, Moon Boots, Sound Support, and more.
KS French – Stay (Original Mix) [FKR]
KS French says “Stay” and I’m following the request! I’m staying and listening to what is an addictive loopy, summery, disco-y tune full of feel-good vibes! This one was released a few months ago, but I doubt I will get bored of it easily, so make sure you give it a listen and include it in your playlist. You will not regret it!
DJ Fudge & Chinua Hawk – Love x Love (Michael Gray Remix) [Reel People Music]
One of my personal favorites, DJ Fudge, teams up with the Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Chinua Hawk to create a cover version of George Benson’s absolute classic “Love X Love.” If you love funk, soul, and disco, you probably love George Benson! Here on the remix, we have Michael Gray who gives the tune the absolute summer twist it needs. It’s in my playlist already, and I love it, love it, love it!
HP Vince – Shake Your Hips (Original Mix) [Good Stuff Recordings]
HP Vince is no newcomer when it comes to quality house and disco. Here we see him sampling the “Bad Mouthin’” classic on Motown, all the way from 1979. The result is out now on Good Stuff Recordings and it’s a must-play for this summer!
Moon Boots feat. Eleanor K – You Won’t See Me Cry (Live Cover Version) [Anjunadeep]
I have loved Moon Boots since the first time I heard “Love Strong.” Such a talent of a producer, one of the few I have seen in the last decade. “You Won’t See Me Cry,” sung by Eleanor K, is a gem I find difficult to describe and put into words. This track has everything I need to feel good. The songwriting is spot on, the music complements the lyrics beautifully. What else do you need? Crack on and listen!
Sound Support – Tempest (Original Mix) [Internasjonal]
This is Internasjonal label, Prins Thomas’ imprint, and they always deliver MAGIC! I didn’t know Sound Support before but I will do my research now, as I really love this artist’s sound. “Tempest” is a sweet Italo-influenced disco tune and the perfect example of how Italo disco currently sounds! Press play and enjoy!
Sean Scanlan feat. Brian Lucas – Glow Of Love (Yam Who? Extended Remix) [Midnight Riot]
Another cover version this week, this time by Brian Lucas and produced by Sean Scanlan, on Luther Vandross’ classic, “Glow of Love,” a song that will always be shining, in my opinion, as one of the best musical creations of the last century. What else can we say? Oh, right, it’s Yam Who? on the remix! I guess you have it all now! Enjoy!
Andy Bach feat. Aleysha Eva – You Give Me Fever (Original Mix) [HOLY]
Andy Bach teams up with Aleysha Eva on “You Give Me Fever,” a classic Nu-Disco tune, good and lush like Nu-Disco should be. Out now on HOLY! For more Nu Disco / Disco tracks you may have missed, check out our Beatport Link Playlist. Start your free trial of Beatport LINK.