The 7 Best House Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Oct 22, 2021
Raphael Pujol
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring DJ Spen, Marina Trench, Mark Broom, Felipe Gordon, and more.


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Danell Dixon – Dance Dance (DJ Spen Re-Edit [Street King]
DJ Spen needs no introduction. The master of groove and soul has been busy recently with a lot of killer tracks, which is why you might have missed this one. His re-edit of Danell Dixon’s “Dance Dance” is on the money. If you’re looking to get those hips shaking and some fire on the dancefloor, look no further. Spen captures the soul, the sexy, the funky, and the groovy. I particularly love the drums and the garage influenced snare that accompanies the track.
Marina Trench – Free Mind [Sweet State]
If you don’t know Marina Trench yet, you should. She is the rising star of the Parisian house scene and has just launched her new imprint, Sweet State. After her acclaimed EP on Dam Swindle’s Heist, she returns with “Free Mind”, and really, all the tracks on the release deserve attention. I personally loved this track because it’s one of those that can let you escape and be fully in the moment on any dancefloor with the repetitive, hypnotic stab/pad combo. It’s actually convenient that the spoken word “Freedom” is heard throughout the track. If you want to get the crowd with you, this is the one to play.
Tenzella – The LWC (Mark Broom Remix) [Snatch! Records]
I’ve been playing this track in all my sets since hearing it for the first time. Mark Broom definitely has his own style of making house, and you can really tell once you know his music a little bit. He has that ability to insert a level of pure, raw energy, while maintaining the “house feeling” to the point where this will work for festival stages. The power and energy will make any dancefloor go off, especially when the samples used to get introduced throughout the track.
Crackazat – Silent Sing (Felipe Gordon Latin Rework) [Local Talk]
I think it’s time we talk about Felipe Gordon. This producer is on fire and it’s escalating quickly. He is everywhere and releasing the most amazing music anyone would dream of producing. Imprints like Shall Not Fade, Heist, SlothBoogie, and more recently Local Talk. He manages to always keep a driving groove, perfectly suited for the dancefloor, while keeping an organic arrangement, musical approach, and always soulful. I’m personally a huge fan of his music and he deserves all the success coming his way. Please go check out his music now!
Byron The Aquarius – Cosmic Dub [Shall Not Fade]
Byron The Aquarius, the American genius producer just delivered a sumptuous album on “Shall Not Fade”. It was quite hard for me to pick my favorite track there as they are all hitting the spot! I really loved “Cosmic Dub” for its Latin-esque bassline, forward drive, and dissonant chords that still manage to make you feel emotions. I’ve followed him for so long now and it’s always amazing to see his music evolve and get better and better! Great accomplishment with the album and be sure to check out the other tracks.
Pinto (NYC) – I Just [Material]
Pinto has definitely been on my radar for some years now and his production skills continue to improve and the music coming out is of the highest quality. His sampling skills are sure to be mentioned here as you can see from his “I Just” track released on Material. This track captures the essence of the sample, its soul and feel, while accompanied by a driving and energetic instrumental, highlighted by the forward bassline and drums. This one is definitely for a peak time slot at the early hours of the night.
Soulidan – Alma Do Meu Coracao [Soulidan]
This track from Soulidan, a Georgian producer, was the find of the month for me. The first time I heard it, I think I played it on repeat for 1 hour. The Latin influence groove, spirit, and energy of this track just do it for me. It has the drive to get people dancing and a level of musicality that I feel when listening to some Louie Vega records. The combination of the brass instruments and the flute solo towards the end just drives up all sorts of emotions. Absolutely lovely. I cannot wait to hear more from Soulidan, who released this track on his own “Soulidan” imprint.

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