The 7 Best Techno [Raw/Deep/Hypnotic] Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Nov 13, 2020
Ross Jackson
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Pub, Reedale Rise, Dub Taylor, Modus, and more.
Pub – Summer [Ampoule Records]
After 20 years of waiting, the masterpiece that is “Summer” is finally available digitally. You might have missed this as there wasn’t a huge fanfare about it but rest assured, you need this in your collection. A true journey, over the course of 16 minutes, we’re treated to stunning sound design and absolutely heart-wrenching tones.
Reedale Rise – Glade [Frustrated Funk]
“Glade” is just one of the many excellent tracks by the Liverpudlian electro maestro Reedale Rise. True to form, it’s a classy love letter to the genre in hand, with 808 beats, twinkling melodies, and lush pads. He’s an absolute dab hand at making these subtle weapons, so we highly recommended having a look at his back catalogue.
Dub Taylor – Figure Two (12” Version) [Forms & Figures]
Another 20-year-old track that is just now seeing a digital release, the full 12-inch mix of Dub Taylor’s “Figure Two” is a lesson in understated dub techno. Each of the track’s elements gets its own effects workout, with delays, reverbs, and much more being brought in and out in true dub mixing style.
Modus – Beefed Up Lemmings [Outer Zone]
Here we have a great techno workout by Modus. “Beefed Up Lemmings” combines delayed bell-like synths with some classic 909 tom action. The imprint, Outer Zone, while only four releases in, has impressed us greatly and has featured the likes of DJ Stingray so far. Indeed, a label to watch.
KAAP – Basics 002 [ÆX]
A name we hadn’t heard of before, KAAP delivers a funky, swung dub techno tool that has plenty of personality. From the pitch-perfect chords to the lush pads and ambiance, “Basics” has the right amount of classiness mixed with dance floor sensibility, all underpinned by razor-sharp drums. This one has had us dancing around our living rooms.
Pharaoh, Yogg – Maurice (Amandra Remix) [Parallax]
Amandra offer up their stunning remix of Pharaoh and Yogg’s “Maurice”. Steam train hats set the pace while a beautiful and vibrant synth line unfolds over the top. The bounce and shuffle of the beat beneath provide a lovely contrast for the delicacies above. Heads-down-eyes-closed material here.
Wa Wu We – Opens The Door [Hypnus Records]
Wa Wu We or Sebastian Mullaert (Minilogue) are no stranger to trippy, hypnotic techno. With 20 plus years of releases under his belt, it should come as no surprise that this effort is nothing short of exemplary. “Opens The Door” combines and uneasy, undulating bassline with some outer-national percussion and, finally, a spooky lead synth. Check out Hypnus Records for more of the same.

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