The 7 Best House Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Nov 20, 2020
Steve Mill
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Steal Tapes, Gerd Janson, Mark Knight, Oscar G, and more.


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Steal Tapes – On Fire (Original Mix) [W&O Street Tracks]
Steal Tapes is determined to set you On Fire with his latest single on W&O Street Tracks. An absolute Acid House banger with a bassline that will haunt you!
Ben Gomori – Fluxed Up (Original Mix) [HOMAGE]
We are not used to having such peak time groovers from Ben Gomori, a rather super talented Deep House producer, but “Fluxed Up” grabbed our attention instantly. Imagine dark rooms filled with smoke and a heavy sound system; this is the track that will transport you to that place!
Superlover – Turn Me On (Original Mix) [Mother Recordings]
This vocal is ADDICTIVE! But we didn’t expect less from Ferri Borbas (AKA Superlover), who is a master of delivering memorable tunes and hooks that will stick to mind and never vacate. Do you want it disco? Do you like it funky? Superlover delivers!
Jacques Renault & Gerd Janson – One More Slam (Remix) [Let’s Play House]
We’ve been expecting this collaborative EP from these two gents for a while now. Jacques and Gerd have finally come together with their Toolbox EP on Let’s Play House, and the overall result is nothing short of excellent. “One More Slam” is an instrumental groover that is fit for every house performance and will be the perfect bridge track to move around tunes and sets with its funky percussion and addictive filtered lines. Don’t sleep on this one!
Anane – Get On The Funk Train (Michael Gray & Mark Knight Mix) [Nervous Records]
All aboard! Anane invites you to get on the train to “destination funk,” and you’d be amiss to let it leave the station without you. With its amazing string section, phat bassline, catchy vocals, and swinging percussion, Michael Gray and Mark Knight nailed the feel-good vibe with their remix of this fresh disco single.
Oscar G – Warehouse Girl (Original Mix) [Nervous Records]
I’ve been a fan of Oscar G for as long as I can remember. Recently resurfacing on the timeless dance music imprint, Nervous Records, his single “Warehouse Girl” is a tremendous underground house winner with deep chords and vocal toplines that mesh together with hypnotic cadence. Dig in and get lost in the groove with this one!
Simon Hinter – Alright! (Original Mix) [Quintessentials]
Since he put out his Tired Up EP on Freerange Records earlier this year, Simon Hinter’s work has continued to grab my undivided attention. “Alright!” is the lead track off his new Wanna Make Love EP on the excellent Quintessentials label. Fueled up with a house and funk fever, the guitar riffs, party atmospherics, and swishing percussion make this one a lethal groover that will have you sweating and grooving wherever you may wander.

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