The 10 Dance Tracks That Changed Demuja's Life

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Apr 3, 2020
Having recently released his second album, Atlantic Avenue, Austria’s deep house don Demuja takes us back to records that made him the DJ and producer he is today.

This list is a selection of tracks that I played a lot when I started playing in clubs in or around my hometown Salzburg (between 2007 and 2015). You need to understand, in a small city like Salzburg (150,000 people), and especially in the countryside, it was really challenging to play and find new, different kinds of music. But thanks to the internet, it was possible, even out in the sticks. When I first started playing, it was using Serato (Timecode) and records, and only began playing on CDJs four years ago!

I think all the tracks below made me the DJ-producer I am today. The best lesson for me was, without a doubt, my four years as a resident in two different clubs in Salzburg, where I played from 10 pm to 5 am every month (alone, all night). The best advice I can offer all the people out there who want to start DJing is — play all night long sets. Try out EVERYTHING! This is why my sets are still pretty colorful because I still have that voice in my head that goes, “I want to tell a little story.” Everything is allowed — Every genre and every style.

Here are some of the tracks I love to play during these lonnggg all-night sets!

Demuja’s LP ‘Atlantic Avenue’ is out now via MUJA. Purchase it here.
Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki – Once Again (Henrik Schwarz Version) [Mule Musiq]
Henrik Schwarz is a big inspiration for me! The way he makes “simple” electronic music feel alive is so unique. I remember when I asked him years ago in Munich, after his set, if we could take a picture. Even when he was in a massive hurry to the airport, he waited for like 10 min next to the stage, just so I can run to the wardrobe to pick my mobile phone, run back, and take a picture together (and yes, I was a bit drunk too).
Borrowed Identity – Shake [Quintessentials]
I know he’s been in the game for quite a while, but I think borrowed identity is underrated! I love his productions and mixes, and I would really like to see him on every big festival lineup! Also, I know the track came out 2014, so it was “after” my start, but I still think he needs a spot here, as his music is inspiring! It was hard to choose the track I played the most, but “Shake” is the one that shows up in most of my sets.
Disclosure – What’s In Your Head [Greco-Roman]
With these guys, their success speaks for itself. Especially their older stuff. When they first started releasing music, it was something so unique, something I’d never heard before! So groovy. They definitely opened up a new area of this genre to a broader audience.
DJ Fresh? – Golddust [Breakbeat Kaos]
I know this was a hit in the UK, but here not a lot of people knew it back then. Drum’ n’ Bass, in general, was a very small scene with a limited crowd. Love the vibe of the track; it’s positive and gives you energy. This track reminds me of driving around with my homies the first year I had my own car.
Mosca – Bax [Numbers]
Deep, Powerful. Love it.
Will Saul feat. Scuba & Charlene Soraia – Beam Me Up (George Fitzgerald Remix) [K7 Records]
Just listen to this one! When I started playing this track again, I decided to make a little DJ edit for myself (just to spice things a little bit up). In case you’re just finding out about George Fitzgerald, check out his older stuff, it’s even more impressive.
Aretha Franklin – Day Dreaming [Late Night Tales]
Aretha Franklin, no words needed.