Playlist of the Week: Dax J

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Oct 6, 2021
Dax J
Ahead of the release of his third studio album, Utopian Surrealism, British DJ/producer Dax J shares some of his best raw and uncompromising techno weapons via Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Here, I’ve created a playlist featuring a selection of new tracks that I’ve been playing at the clubs as of late, with a couple of classics thrown in.

During the lockdown, I discovered a lot of great new music that sadly never got the chance to be heard in the clubs. Since the return of events, I’ve enjoyed playing those tracks found during the dreaded Covid times.

I think we are past the worst of it now, and it feels like we are slowly returning to normal across the globe. And I’m hoping next summer we will be back full throttle, celebrating life in what I am hoping will be the official third Summer of Love. It’s going to be a special one!

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Umwelt – Raiders of the Final Frontier [Midnight Shift]
A true underground hero, I’ve been a big fan of Umwelt for many years. Consistently delivers extremely high-quality music. I was playing this track at my first gigs back after lockdown. I love the melody and the almost religious, ceremonial emotion it brings. In all of Umwelt’s tunes, you can always hear the rough analog sound of his machines at work. I love his sound!
JASSS – turbo olé [AD 93]
I found this track at the start of lockdown. It’s only been recent since gigs have started up again, and I’ve been able to play it. With the leads, melodies, and vibe, it’s an instant classic that will be played for many years to come. Absolute top-level production! Big a fan of JASSS’s DJ sets too, she stands out above the rest — eclectic in the best of ways!
Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak [Basic Channel]
Probably the most incredible track of all time. The GOAT track! Never gets old. As fresh today as it was 25 years ago! It’s always a good idea to play this one no matter what the crowd is like. If it’s an older crowd, you always see the smiles and appreciation, and if it’s a new young crowd, then it’s a good opportunity to educate them with some real music!
Cleric – Revival feat. Azrael [Clergy]
Straight-up killer tracks for the clubs from the legendary Mancunian on his new EP. He teams up with Azrael, and I’m liking this vibe. It reminds me of the early 2000s when techno had that dancefloor groove — hoping to hear more of this sound from Cleric and his Clergy label.
LDS – Punk Coding [Monnom Black]
This was released during lockdown on Monnom Black. Another track that is now finally able to see the light of day in the clubs. Ever futuristic and pushing the sound of dub techno, LDS has a unique sound like no other.
Blawan – Fourth Dimensional [Ternesc]
A fantastic track here from Blawan. I love the deep melodic pad in this one — you can hear the micro tuning as the pitches change. Top production as always from one of the UK’s masters of sound design! I played this the other day at Leeds festival and I saw about 100 phones instantly come out and start recording. A special track!
Jadzia – Fluids [A7A]
I discovered this one a few months ago. Electro at its finest. Dark and eerie. Just an incredible track. Looking forward to hearing more from Jadzia, a name I only recently discovered. An extremely talented producer with very high production values, refreshing to hear!
Kevin Saunderson – Just Another Chance [KMS Records]
A stone-cold classic. Another track that just never gets old. I’ve been playing it for years and also played in one of my isolation streams last year. This track hugely influenced the formation of the early jungle and drum & bass scenes — everyone sampled that bassline! Famous tracks like Ray Keith’s “Terrorist,” to name just one of many. One of Kevin’s finest works, in my opinion. This was the first-ever Reese-bass track, I do believe. Boundary pushing. Crazy to think this was made in 1988! Pure magic.
tafkamp – Binnenweg 2 [Revenge Techiques]
Beautiful track from the flying Dutchman. It’s melodic but also bangs simultaneously and has been working really well at my recent gigs — perfect for the long sets when it’s time to take it deep into the trenches. Tafkamp always delivers the goods. I love the old skool influences in all his records.
Dax J – Universal Future Sound [Monnom Black]
I made this one at the start of lockdown. It’s from my new album, Utopian Surrealism. Euphoric pads and driving acid, it’s been great to finally be able to play this one at the clubs since the reopenings!
Link Artist | Dax J - Return To Clubs
Dax J’s third studio album, Utopian Surrealism, drops on October 15th via Monnom Black.