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Oct 13, 2021
French DJ/producer Agoria takes cues from Nick Hornby’s revered book High Fidelity to tackle the task of creating his own perfect dance music chart with Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I’m a huge fan of Nick Hornby. First because he loves soccer. So do I. Second because his book High Fidelity is a must read about the important and impactful task to make a chart. Third, because he makes fun of the two first points.

To share advice as far I remember from the book: when you make a chart, you can’t just throw classics from a famous artist, you can’t just pick the new cool stuff, you can’t just make it easy, you can’t take a good track if the artist is dumb, you are totally encouraged to be of bad faith. Each position, each tune, each choice has to be motivated. Same as a DJ set.

Now that I say that, I will present to you the most sincere playlist I have in mind as a picture of today with music available in the Beatport database. I picked the music I love to play and listen to when I go to party with you. Hope you’ll find some special ones for you in that non-exhaustive selection..

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Glowal – In Heaven [Sapiens Recordings]
I’m the label owner of Sapiens, so, of course, I will speak about many records I release. Not that it’s an auto-promotion of our work, but as you can guess, I sign the music I love! It would be very awkward if I was enlightening music from others and not speaking about my beloved artists. Glowal isn’t one more duo from Italy. They have so much talent, and their forthcoming album on Sapiens is incredible. Both tracks of the new single were in all my sets this summer, and “In Heaven” is a fabulous tune to conclude your sets with love.
Alan Dixon – Do You? [Permanent Vacation]
Since Gerd Janson introduced me to Alan Dixon’s music, I’ve become a huge fan of all his productions. Unsure why, but all Alan Dixon releases make me nostalgic. It sounds fresh but with this old-school background that always makes me want to play all his records. “Do You?” is a must-play.
Mooglie – Itza [Sapiens Recordings]
The first single of Louis (AKA Mooglie) had been playlisted everywhere. It even made Louis quit his day job in finance to concentrate fully on music production! What a great choice. He has started to tour more and more, and I can feel the love around his music growing. “Itza” has been one of my favorite tracks of the summer when I want to put a smile on the faces of everyone on the dance floor.
Ela Minus – Megapunk (Elkka Remix) [Domino]
I’m in love with Ela. Since our first phone call, I have felt deeply connected to her. Nick Hornby would agree with me. It’s not about her voice, her skill production, her attitude, her grace, her words… it’s about her. Fully her. Entirely and purely her. As you can hear here, Elkka’s fantastic remix is the cherry on top.
Invoker, Luke Anger – Lovestung (Musumeci Remix) [Multinotes]
I wish to know more Invoker. We have been briefly in touch, and I feel he has a lot to say musically and could deliver some of the best club tunes in the near future. Musumeci doesn’t stop to impress with remix after remix, week after week. In two words: Best combo.
Mad Rey, Jwles – Joe Da Zin (Omar S Détroit Remix) [Ed Banger Records]
Just because I manage a French label doesn’t mean I won’t speak about another French label! Even more when it’s one of the most famous ones: Ed Banger. I’m actually very happy to share with you this tune released on Ed Banger. We have frequently been presented as the two opposites sides of a coin, whereas many bridges exist between our families. Pedro knows everything there is to know about the music industry, and when he asks the legendary Omar S to remix a French rap newcomer, he really couldn’t go wrong.
Agoria – What if midday was at midnite (feat. Blasé) [Sapiens Recordings]
Nick Hornby, could you go out for a minute so that I introduce this song, please? Thanks! So, now that we are alone let me introduce you to my new favorite collaboration with Blasé. After our “You’re Not Alone” tune, here is our new essay. Master Kolsch did a remix which is out now. It’s ok, Nick. You can come back now.
Adam Ten – Wake Me (Bawrut Remix) [Sapiens Recordings]
A fabulous club anthem, Bawrut delivered one of his very personal best with his remix of Adam Ten’s “Wake Me.” None of Bawrut’s productions sounds familiar, which is so difficult to achieve nowadays. All his work is unique and doesn’t sound like any other producer’s pieces. There is this kind of craziness that is often missed in club music. No routine here. No highway, but you’ll be high. Believe me.
Yeah But No – Perished (Trikk Remix) [Distant Echos]
Trikk follows his path. His taste, his agility, his ingenuity reveal the artist. I had the chance to listen to him play few times, and I have never found it so hard to quit the dance floor before. We always speak about the voyage we try to offer, but sometimes you need the best guide — Trikk is at his best on this remix.
Team Distant, Mr. Silk, Jalal Ramdami, Mel D – Sesa (Simo Moumem Remix) [Connected Frontline]
I have been lucky enough to get a residency at Blue Marlin Ibiza before the pandemic. This one would have been the kind of tune I would have played on the beach at Drift. We would have drifted for sure. We need more Drift.
Frankey & Sandrino – Mira [Cin Cin]
This is a sublime eight-minute remix, a sure player of the summer. This is the kind of tune you can make people listen to when introducing them to our scene and our music. It’s elegant, and it’s beautiful. It takes time to deliver, and in the meantime, it’s easy to catch.
Space Afrika – Rings (feat. Guest) [Dais Records]
I couldn’t find the album on Beatport. So I chose this track to mention he has released one of the best albums this year with Honest Labour. I can’t stop listening to it every morning. If I’m honest, it has shared the desk with the Alexander Melzak album. Guys, sharing is caring. So you shall run on these two fabulous artists.
Fort Romeau – Control [Permanent Vacation]
An underestimated artist. A very cool guy I met once in Barcelona in an after. The kind of after where the DJs are the only ones who wanna keep the party moving. So the afters was him and I. And we discussed and drank. And discuss. About “Control?” A must-play in the middle of your set.
Agoria, Ela Minus – what if the dead dream (Quentin Sirjack Remix) [Sapiens Recordings]
Nick? Are you there? It’s ok. You can stay. It’s a remix of my song with Ela Minus by french pianist Quentin Sirjack. He is one of the most fantastic melody makers I know. He mostly makes music for film, but he has been kind enough to make a remix for me. Merci Quentin, and many thanks to all of you who read these few lines, and I hope it will guide you in your quest to dig for new music and maybe even inspire you to read the book, High Fidelity.
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