Beatport Playlist of the Week: Hyenah

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Jul 27, 2022
The enigmatic Afro House star Hyenah treats us to some of their best futuristic and euphoric house burners for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

This playlist is a homage to a scene that has been on a constant quest to new territories, never failing to impress along the way. Some call it Afro. To me, it rather feels like the next chapter of house music. Or even better: house coming full circle. Here are some goodies that I dig. Some bigger artists in the scene and some who deserve to become big.

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Mr. ID, Anas Chlih, OSENS – Tawada (Saint Evo Remix) [Elbaraka Family]
This Saint Evo remix works wonders. Especially when played towards the eastern or southern side of the Mediterranean. It’s got the perfect mix of a deep and powerful groove with enough space to breathe and a pretty daring Arab melody that is just perfect for hot summer nights at an open-air party. Generally speaking, there are so many amazing Afro House producers coming out of South Africa. Saint Evo is one whose productions just reached a new level for me.
Shredder SA, ADJUMA, Lyrical Ivy – We Belong (Hyenah’s So Much Love Remix) [My Other Side Of The Moon Records]
My Other Side Of The Moon is a label from Mozambique that I have been supporting a lot. That is not only because they constantly release amazing music but also because it is an African label. It is so much harder to build and maintain an infrastructure where there is no major network of labels, distributors, agents, PR agencies and places where music industry professionals can easily meet and exchange ideas. On top of that, it was great fun to strip the already beautiful original by Shredder SA, ADJUMA and Lyrical Ivy and turn it into a good vibes mantra.
KEENE – Ayessi (Philou Louzolo Remix) [Cacao Records]
Cacao Records, run by my good Panamanian friends Kevin and Lloyd (aka KEENE) has been going from strength to strength lately. This remix by the very inspiring and highly talented Amsterdam legend Philou Louzolo is just one example. It is a perfect match of house euphoria and afro earthiness (beware of the horns). Especially when playing a bit harder and more techy for a bit Ayessi is pretty much letting the sun rise in the best way possible.
Hyenah, G-Wash10 – Rain Queen (feat. Maahlamela) [RISE MUSIC]
“Rain Queen (feat. Maahlemela)” is a collaboration between G-Wash10 from Johannesburg and me. It is basically a prayer for rain and has a truly mystic vibe to it. It is powerful, deep and a bit spooky before it actually rains down on you in a beautifully relieving way. For a long time, it was on the shortlist for my Love In Times Of Crisis album, but barely missed the cut to be a single. By the way, if you haven’t heard G-Washington’s “Warrior Mbube (feat. Miriam Makeba),” make sure to check it out. I was chasing it for about a year before being able to sign it for RISE MUSIC, and it is an all-time Afro House classic for me.
Deep Narratives – Ebaba [Paradise Sound System]
You have no idea what you are listening to when you hear Ebaba for the first time. Its complex rhythms, those next-level synth stabs and this otherworldly drop might stay mysterious to the average listener. And then you experience it on a big sound system — and suddenly, it all makes sense. You feel as if the club is about to collapse. Every bit of this piece comes to life and keeps growing to the max throughout the whole playtime! This tune incorporates all the reasons why Afrotech will never end up in an identity crisis and will always be one step ahead of everyone else while still holding up a deeper narrative.
Tal Fussman – It Was Misunderstood [Innervisions]
Tal Fussman is one of those few guys that is able to effortlessly cross over genre borders. His melodic techno tracks always have something that makes me want to play them out – even in an afro set. There is always this swing in his groove that makes me go YES! He’s got a magic touch. Actually, I’d love Tal Fussman to remix one of the Love In Times Of Crisis tracks. Tal, are you up for it? I am your biggest fan!
Hyenah, Floyd Lavine – You Can’t Hide [RISE MUSIC]
Jamming away on this one with partner in crime Floyd Lavine. On the quest to create a minimalistic yet unique groove, we came up with this tune that defines a stylistic balance between the electronica of both sides of the globe. “You Can’t Hide” doesn’t hold back at all and strikes with a heavy synth theme, while it never forgets to stay on an edgy Afrotech tip. Think of a protest song that meets contemporary House Music being widely embraced by Afrotech beats.
Masšh – iLanga [Solar Plex’s]
It’s one of those tracks that plays it cool, and still, it keeps growing nicely. And it always stands out! Warm and with a longing feel, it works nicely as a warm-up tune, keeps the crowd going if you drop it in the middle of your set, during sunset or sunrise — or simply at the very end of a long night. “iLanga” never fails to make an impression and leaves something very personal amongst the listeners that keeps resonating even a day or two later.
Ultra Audio, Rocksonic Da Fuba – Wild Anthem [Nothing But]
Stepping into the game with a unique Afrotech vibe from the first bar. “Wild Anthem” just keeps rolling and strikes a pose with those heavy stabs while keeping it low profile and deep throughout its whole playtime. The sparse arrangement and that simple but spot-on structure make it an irresistible tool that you might want to drop when the crowd is ready for something fresh and new.