DJ Bone Picks 10 Timeless E-Dancer Tracks

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Oct 7, 2021
DJ Bone
Following the release of Drumcode’s E-Dancer remix album, Re:Generate, Detroit mainstay DJ Bone pays homage to Kevin Saunderson’s vital project with 10 of his favorite E-Dancer tracks.
Growing up in Detroit automatically catapults you into a different realm when it comes to DJing. I was blessed to witness the best and most magnificent DJs pulling off astounding feats of skill. This meant you needed to stand out as much as possible. Copying or mimicking was a huge NO-NO; it was all about being unique in your talent. In order to do this, I would incorporate certain “special” tracks into my sets at just the perfect time to drive the crowd crazy. A majority of those showstoppers in my record box were always E-Dancer tracks. I loved how they can fit into either a house or techno set, the fact that they get the party jumping, and that they are unapologetically Detroit. Under the alias of E-Dancer, Kevin brought a harder, edgier sound to the forefront. The songs always felt a bit sinister to me while simultaneously maintaining the funk. So I want to share my personal top 10 with a few words to describe why I chose these as the secret weapons in my box.

The E-Dancer remix album Re:Generate is out now via Drumcode. Check it out on Beatport.

E-Dancer – Warp
“Warp” contains the absolute best of all worlds. It has thundering drums, driving key stabs, ethereal pads and a growling bassline. All of these elements come together to form a perfect stormer with plenty of emotion.
E-Dancer – The Human Bond
This one was/is my go-to curveball in a house set. It’s very groovy but still has a toughness to it. It is always a favorite for serious house dancers. Lights things up every time.
E-Dancer – Heavenly (Original Mix Interlude)
A beautiful interlude of the stomper that is “Heavenly.” I use this to give the crowd a breather after clobbering them for hours. It has such a healthy, healing vibe that elevates the entire room.
E-Dancer – Feel The Mood (The Effects Mix)
“Feel The Mood” seriously creates a mood…not only a mood but a kind of escapist atmosphere. The original is great on its own merit but the Effects Mix makes this song special. To me, it mimics what it sounds like when you’re underwater. Special moments like this interspersed throughout the night keeps things magical and creates a vibe.
E-Dancer – Behold
I was fortunate enough to be asked by the E-Dancer, Kevin Saunderson himself, to remix this for his Re:Generate release. I chose this song to remix because I’ve always loved the piano and acid-ish bassline. I also love the versatility of this song. I’ve played it in a lot of my house sets as well as techno sets (as long as I pick the right moment). Perfect for outdoor sets too. Check out my remix here.
E-Dancer – Velocity Funk
This is truly a timeless masterpiece. It set the breakbeat trend in motion and was critical to the rave scene. A very pivotal techno track. It was unlike anything else and stronger than everything else. A perfect name for this track as it has pace while remaining funky. I’d use this as a bridge track to connect varied demographics once the scene started to become more diverse. I never want people to forget that funk and soul have been (and still are for me) at the core of techno.
E-Dancer – Pump The Move (Original Mix)
“Pump The Move” is pure energy. Such an enigmatic track that you can’t help but dance and react to. I love the energy this track brings to the party, especially pitched up.
E-Dancer – Forces (Extended Mix)
One of my all-time favorites! I played every single mix of this track. This is raw Detroit techno at its finest from start to finish. I use this as a transition track, it’s an indication that shit is about to get serious.
E-Dancer – Savage & Beyond (Extended Mix)
Another timeless classic. This made it into every one of my sets back in the day. And whenever I break it out now, it still crushes the floor. Relentlessly ravey in the best possible way.
E-Dancer – Uptempo (Extended Mix)
Heavy hitter for sure. The bass sounds in this are everything. I sometimes EQ out the highs and high-mids to isolate the low end. This brings a semi-evil note to any track you mix with it. Kevin has always had the best basslines.