AFFKT Selects 10 Essential Sincopat Releases

AFFKT beatport
Dec 9, 2021
Ahead of his label’s 100th release, Sincopat founder AFFKT looks back on over a decade of electronic excellence with 10 of the imprint’s most essential tunes.

The truth is that it has been very difficult for me to choose only 10 releases. Almost 12 years since the first release, Sincopat has released some very special music. With the perspective of time, some music has aged better than others, but I feel very proud to have been able to work with a countless list of very talented artists.

Sincopat’s 100th release, AFFKT’s ‘Plot’ EP — featuring remixes by GusGus and Biesmans — drops on December 17th.

AFFKT – Once Upon A Time (John Talabot Remix)
The first chapter of our story came out on the 17th July of 2010 and great artists and friends joined me in this new adventure. I think it was a good idea to look for remixers with such a wide range of reworks because it made a lot of people aware that we existed. Without a doubt, having a remix by John Talabot was a real honor for this first release.
Kid Culture feat. Rene Engel – Visions (Original Mix)
One of our strongest releases even after so many years, also one of our most acclaimed releases ever. The original mix of “Visions” is one of my favourite songs in Sincopat’s discography and it still sounds as timeless and special as it did then:
AFFKT – Los Fantasmas
The label’s first album was a necessary search for the essence of my own sound and that of the label after an unforgettable trip to Cuba. It was a big step forward for me as an artist but also as a label manager for the challenge of managing such a project. The song “Los fantasmas” perfectly captures the sound vibe of the entire album:
German Brigante – Longo Longo
One of our most successful releases, with an avant-garde sound, the EP helped define the label’s sound at that point, being a release that was widely supported by DJs around the world. The original song remains years later as a perfect example of how less can be more.
Darlyn Vlys & Thomas Gandey – Hero
Darlyn Vlys is one of the main actors in the history of Sincopat and this is probably one of his best EPs on the label where he also collaborates with Thomas Gandey on vocals. Also noteworthy is his great album for Sincopat called Prince in the Rain. The Original mix of “Hero” is a timeless music masterpiece.
Unders & Ravelli – Walk In The Moment
In Sincopat I think we have always tried to produce beautiful and timeless music, I am sure that if you listen to this record you will understand me completely. Years later it still gives me goosebumps. The original version of “Walk in The Moment” is such a beautiful song:
Audio Junkies – Syncopated
Audio Junkies is another artist who has been on the label since almost the beginning while developing his own style but always connected to Sincopat. All of his albums have been rounded from start to finish. This release includes a track called “Syncopated” which makes it even more special.
Piek – I Saw You
Maybe it’s wrong for me to say it, but the Despertar LP is a true masterpiece. With the release of this album Sincopat proved that they are above styles and labels, the great effort to release this record was worth it and the song “I Saw You” is a perfect example.
Upercent – Pedres
Upercent is one of the most talented artists I know, his music is full of influences and nuances, which is something I have always looked for in the label. This is another great timeless release from Sincopat that perfectly defines what we like and that Sincopat has been lucky enough to release. Here is the title track from the EP.
Novakk – We Are The Future
Of the latest releases it has been even more difficult for me to choose just one; I still have them deep inside me as I try to get involved with each release as if it were my own. No doubt Novakk deserves to be on this list for having perfectly understood the concept he created with the Sincopat releases, a hybrid between EP and album in which artists could express themselves freely and expand their sound world to what they are not normally used to. “We Are The Future” is a song with a promising name that encapsulates the energy of the EP.