Playlist of the Week: Pan-Pot

Pan Pot POTW Beatport 1536x715
May 20, 2021
Second State’s head duo Pan-Pot contemplates what their return to the club would sound like for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.
This collection of tracks is a mix of what we have really enjoyed listening to in the past years and recent music that we would play at the clubs if it was possible at this moment. Soundwise it is a versatile journey with resonant/atmospheric facets that carry you through the room (or playlist) and raw basslines that illuminate a world that has been paused as we sit at home waiting for the clubs to come back.

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Orion, Cari Lekebusch – Tribe (Original Mix) [H-Productions]
This is truly one of the most rolling tunes we have ever heard. We love the vocal parts which are really creating a hypnotic atmosphere.
Planetary Assault Systems – Pull (Original Mix) [Blueprint Records]
We have always been big supporters of Luke Slater/Planetary Assault Systems. But this track truly blows our minds. It is just perfect how he combined all these percussive elements.
Steve O’Sullivan – viridi (Original Mix) [Trip]
Fast and reduced. No more words needed.
Rødhåd, Rene Wise – 190205 (Original Mix) [WSNWG]
This is super hypnotic track but also very impulsive. Just a great Techno masterpiece.
No! – Lunar Rover (Original Mix) [Float Records (NL)]
Loopy, freaky, and really rough techno. We truly love the driving energy of this track.
Michael Klein – Joker Smile (Original Mix) [Second State]
Michael delivers a pure monster on a monster EP. All three tracks in this release are pure fire. It’s so much fun to see how Michael developed and still develops his sound into a very defined and curated direction.
Scuba, Felsen – Speed This MF Up (Truncate Remix) [Hotflush Recordings]
This track reminds us of some old-school classic techno tracks that keep ringing in our ears. We are big fans of Truncate anyway and this remix defines him as an artist in a great way. He’s got a very defined way of sound with the necessary amount of catchiness.
Wigbert – Focus (Original Mix) [Second State]
What a nice song. We would take it as our current favorite outro track for the end of our sets… if we’d be allowed to play at the moment. The mood of this song is epic, positive, but also final. If you haven’t heard Wigberts album yet, you should definitely give it a listen.
VNTM – Fractual (Original Mix) [Apparation]
We are loving the deep vibe of this track. Usually we’re not big fans of too much melody in Techno, but in this case the melody layers are done really well and do not „stress“ us.
PAN-POT – Keid (Original Mix) [Second State]
One of our latest releases, and we are big fans of it. It works well in a harder Techno set and brings in some funk and vibe that we love. We say it has a bit of a timeless character.

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