Playlist of the Week: Mind Against

Mind Against Beatport
Dec 15, 2021
Mind Against
Alessandro and Federico Fognini of the Berlin-based melodic house & techno duo Mind Against share some of the biggest tracks from their DJ sets for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.
Here is a little selection of music we love to play during our sets and best describes our sound and style of performing. From some of our favourite producers out there, there is a mixture of some older records as well as some newer ones. We hope you enjoy them!
Mind Against – Reveries [Maeve]
New one from our latest EP on Mano Le Tough, The Drifter and Baikal’s imprint Maeve. We’re super happy with how the EP turned out. It was hard to pick one for this playlist, but we love “Reveries.” It explores the deeper side to our production that we don’t always get to express.
Underspreche – Immersa Nel Tuo Viaggio (The Drifter Rework) [Maeve]
This great mid-set banger from The Drifter is definitely one of the tunes we played the most last year. This and all Maeve releases have always been of great influence for us, both performing live and in the studio.
Tyson – Mr. Rain (Mano Le Tough Remix) [Back Yard]
We recently dusted off this old gem from Mano, it’s perfect for closing sets at sunrise. I remember playing it as one of the last tracks of our all-nighter at Warung last January; one of the highlights of our whole career.
Ben Klock – October [Bpitch]
Used to play this classic from Ben Klock a lot during our sets. The build-up and break create just the right tension and it’s perfect for long club sessions.
Mike Sheridan, Mads Langer – Too Close (The Chain Remix) [R&S Records]
This break-beat piece of art is not for every set, but when we manage to make it work during our performances the reaction is just as great as the track itself.
Precious System – The Voice From Planet Love (Dixon Edit) [Running Back]
The hypnotic melody and driving drums still sound extremely contemporary and fit our sets perfectly, even after so many years. This is one that is always on our hard drive.
Vincenzo – Orbiter (Flight One) [Be Adult Music]
Played this one for the first time during our Berlin stream last year and since then it’s been a go-to in most of our sets after the pandemic. Brilliant composition!
Eli Brown – Killer (Radio Slave’s Attack Ships on Fire Remix) [Polydor]
A stunning remix by Radio Slave from last year, perfect for peak-time big stage slots or more intimate club vibes. Another great weapon for the last part of our sets, this one really thumps! The vocals are brilliant and really define the track.
Mind Against – Walking Away [Afterlife Recordings]
Probably our most acclaimed and best work to date. We played “Walking Away” as the last track to almost all our sets since 2019 and the reaction we get from it is still amazing.
Anyma – Claire [Rose Avenue]
A beautiful, forward-thinking composition from our long-time friend and collaborator Matteo Milleri’s new project, Anyma. Love playing this towards the end of our sets.
Trikk – Venal [Innervisions]
A stunning opener from one of our favourite producers out there. This one is out on Dixon and Frank Wiedemann’s brilliant Inversions imprint; we’re playing this one a lot right now.
Remcord – Guerilla Grow [REBA]
Nice chord progression and driving base. The trancey elements also set the right vibe for festivals and club shows.
Nikola Gala – Only (Ryan Elliott Remix) [Rekids]
Ryan Elliot’s remix is brilliant! A great minimal techno roller, this one is perfect for changing the direction and vibe in our sets. A super simple but super effective dancefloor weapon.