Playlist of the Week: DJ Marky

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Nov 3, 2021
DJ Marky
Brazilian drum & bass all-star DJ Marky weaves through classic and modern-day weapons in his Playlist of the Week.

This playlist ranges from old-school drum & bass that has been on my decks for a long time, to newer tracks from producers who are starting to make a real impact in the scene. I have included a few of my own productions, along with tracks from my upcoming project, Innerground 100, which is the 100th release from Innerground Records.

This album has been years in the making and is a really special milestone. There are so many artists that helped to create this project, not only the ones listed in this playlist. It’s been fantastic to see such an eclectic group come together and collaborate on this album. The tracks in this playlist personally mean a lot to me – welcome to my journey.

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DJ Marky, EVABEE – Love Will Find Its Way [Shogun Audio]
I wanted to kick the playlist off with this track because it has quite a relevant theme to today’s world. The idea behind this song was the hope of how we’re finding a way back to normal life after the pandemic, and how love will always prevail.
Carlito – About You [Innerground Records]
Carlito is one of my favourite producers, and it’s an honour to have him on Innerground. This track is one of the leading singles from Innerground 100 and you’ll understand why when you hear it. Such a happy and energetic track.
Tyrone – Untitled Matrix [The North Quarter]
Tyrone is one of the hottest Drum & Bass producers at the moment. Even though this track dropped in 2021, it still reminds me a lot of the old-school D&B days. Tyrone has the ability to throw in an old-school vibe but still keep it fresh — I love it.
Black Barrel – It’s So Crazy [Dispatch Records]
When I first heard this track, it stayed true to its name – it drove me crazy. I’ve been including this track in every set, and it seems to drive the crowd crazy too!
Alix Perez, Liam Bailey – Moving On (Break Remix) [1985 Music]
The original of this track by Alix Perez and Liam Bailey is fantastic, and has always been a regular in my sets, but when the remix dropped it took it to another level. I’ve been surrounded by DJs spinning this recently.
Saikon – Guilty Pleasures [Innerground Records]
This track was on a dubplate for over two years! It’s been quite a journey to release it, and it’s been one of my secret weapons at shows — a personal highlight from the upcoming Innerground 100 album.
Pola & Bryson – Get Serious [Shogun Audio]
I had the privilege of hearing “Get Serious” before the full album released in September, and this track has given me goosebumps from day one. Jack and Harry are amazing guys — look out for their remix on Innerground 100!
Visages – Ego Trip [1985 Music]
What I love about Visages is that they never fail to surprise me. They have the ability to write tracks that encapsulate both the lighter and darker side of drum & bass. They’re an incredibly talented group, and I always look forward to hearing what’s next.
Makoto – Osiris (feat. Danny Wheeler) [Hospital Records]
My long-time friend Makoto released this fantastic 5 track EP, What You Need. I did a remix on this EP of Merchant Blessings. I love “Osiris,” and it’s a real crowd pleaser every time I spin it.
Alibi & Sl8r – Break The Machine [V Recordings]
My Brazilian friends Alibi, and Manchester-based Sl8r, are some of my top producers. This track is heavy, and brings a darker ambiance to the dancefloor. Shout out to Bryan Gee (V Recordings) for releasing this one!
Random Movement – Patty Melt [Innerground Records]
Random Movement is a veteran in the scene, and having him on the Innerground 100 album was a privilege. He did this track specifically for Innerground, and it really translates to our sound. I’m so excited for everyone to hear this album!